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VICE Fashion - More Dog Owners

Hanging around with the dog Bob Marley.
Κείμενο Nikola Pejanovic

Photographer: Nikola Pejanovic

Stylist: Behnaz Aram

Photo assistant: Jonas Fagerlund

Mauri, 26 & Taz 8, Sebastian, 23 & Damian 5: “Damian is half pit bull and half rottweiler, just like my brother’s dog Taz. I bought him from a Turkish guy who was mistreating him and had him in a cage. When I got him he was dominant and aggressive, but I trained him and I never hit him, and now he’s the kindest dog you’ll ever find. He follows my girl to the stable and plays with the horse. He’ll bite the horse’s tail and they’ll chase each other.” Mauri: Jumper by Stone Island, watch by Tissot, sneakers by Umbro by Kim Jones
Sebastian: Jumper by Stone Island, watch by Tissot, sneakers by Umbro by Kim Jones Magnus, 26 & Nicki, 8 months: “Nicki is part pit bullterrier, part labrador and part chihuahua. She eats hamburgers, but she doesn’t want ketchup anything, and she always skips the bread, unless she’s really hungry.” T-shirt by Carhartt, trousers by Y3, sneakers by Umbro by Kim Jones, watch by Tissot Jonas, 22 & Bruno, 2: “He’s two years old now, and his mom got pregnant when she was the same age. I got her those emergency pregnancy prevention pills, but then I must have missed one of them or something, because she got pregnant anyway. And that’s how I got him.” T-shirt by Levi’s Vintage, reversible sweater by Edwin, trousers by Y3, sneakers Umbro by Kim Jones, cap model’s own Mikaela, 12 & Silver, 2: “I think Silver is a pit bullterrier, but I’m not sure, people keep telling me different things. He belongs to everyone in the family and he is a very sensitive dog. I’ve never used him to impress a guy, but all my friends think he’s super nice. When I was younger I used to dress him up in people’s clothes. I was afraid he was going to be cold when I took him out, and he did seem kind of comfortable in them.” Vest by American Apparel, trousers by Nike Edge, shoes by Peter Jensen, necklace by Silas Emilia, 16 & Tigra, 6: “Tigra is a Staffordshire terrier, and I’ve had her since she was two months old. I hate dogfights. I’ve seen them, and it’s sick. My favourite thing to do with Tigra is just being outside with her, walk her and take her swimming. Her favourite thing to do is sleep. I don’t like cleaning up after her, my dad usually does it for me.” Hoodie by Nike, trousers model’s own, watch by Tissot Blazo, 25 & Slavka, 10: “I’ve had Slavka since she was a puppy, and she’s such a great dog. I would never use her for defense, it wouldn’t be an option. Some times she gets confused when me and my brother are mucking about, but the only thing she’d ever do is like lick you to death. She’s that kind of dog. She also loves diving in the lake.” T-shirt by Midnight Division, trousers model’s own, sneakers by Umbro by Kim Jones Arash, 22 & Marley, 8 months: “I’ve had Marley—as in Bob—since he was a puppy. The first time I saw him he wasn’t even as big as my hand, he looked like a tiny hamster. He’s a Staffordshire terrier and he does have fight dog in him, but the staffs have been bred away from that. Now they’re called nanny dogs, because they can look after kids. We do regular stuff together. I walk him, we hang out, he is my homie. He can sit, stay and do high fives.” Hoodie by Nike, trousers model’s own, watch by Tissot