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Vice Fashion - The Hugs 'n' Kisses Issue

I smuggled my Hello Kitty in a bear costume with me. It is the only thing that knows me.
Κείμενο Tim Barber


Fumi Nagasaka is wearing an Indigo People dress and Paper Denim & Cloth jeans.

Fumi Nagasaka:

I smuggled my Hello Kitty in a bear costume with me to the U.S. My mom and grandma didn't think I should bring it. Now I sleep with it every night. It is the only thing that knows me.

Matsaki Naito is wearing an Aem'kei top with jeans and shoes by Diesel.

Matsaki Naito


: This is a shikishi. It's like a going-away card from my family. It has photos of all of them and little notes like "Good luck," "You can do it," "Embrace the experience," and "Dreams do come true."

Yukie Yonezawa is wearing an Original Penguin top, Paper Denim & Cloth jeans, and Converse sneakers.

Yukie Yonezawa

: This is Tony the Tiger. My boyfriend Tony gave it to me when I moved away from Vancouver three years ago.

Koji Moriya is wearing an Obedient Sons top, pants by Matix, and Reebok sneakers.

Koji Moriya

: This is half pot-holder, half puppet. I almost feel bad when I use it to grab hot pans.

Mahiro Koza is wearing a top and skirt by Charlotte Corday and vintage Tony Lama boots.

Mahiro Koza

: This is my little pink deer toy.

Rei Matsuoka is wearing an Ella Moss top, a Frost French skirt, and Converse sneakers.

Rei Matsuoka

: My old boyfriend won this for me at a fair in Hawaii.

Mayumi Tatsuta is wearing a Charlotte Corday dress and Gucci shoes.

Mayumi Tatsuta

: This is Cybie the robot dog. I bought it for my boyfriend for Christmas, but we broke up so I never gave it to him.

Mari Otaki is wearing an Aem'kei shirt and a skirt by Fila.

Mari Otaki

: This is my little ugly doll. I use it for stress relief.

Indigo People, Aem'kei, Original Penguin, Obedient Sons, Reebok, Charlotte, Corday, and Frost French are available at VICE NYC, 252 Lafayette St.