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Don't Sleep on Sunday Nights, Party at Joel Meinholz's Chocolate Sundays

For this week's Mahal, I left my house on a Sunday night to meet up with Joel Meinholz at his raging party, Chocolate Sundays, a weekly event that happens simultaneously in Miami and Brooklyn.
Κείμενο Taji Ameen
19 Οκτώβριος 2013, 2:54pm

For this week's Mahal, I left my house on a Sunday night to meet up with Joel Meinholz at his raging party, Chocolate Sundays, a weekly event that happens simultaneously in Miami and Brooklyn. Although Sundays are technically for relaxing and reading the funny pages, Joel thinks Sunday is a great night to party—at last weekend's party, Haunted Horses played guitar with a power drill and a singer wrapped his microphone cord around his face. Joel and I took these photos of the party, and they looked like images from a Friday night warehouse party. After the show, I asked Joel about the party's history and how he convinces people to get down on Sunday nights.

Why did you move from Miami to New York City?‎
To save my life and chase love.

You're not an average club promoter trying to reel in young model girls. ‎How do you promote your parties?
Get it rachid and fun, then everything else will come in line. Basically, if you're down, then you know. If not, then fuck you—you miss out. We look out for the homies and give them support.

How did you get involved with Ninjasonik and come up with Chocolate Sundays?
The party started over ten years ago in Miami to fill a void in places we wanted to hang out. Chocolate Sundays has been going strong every Sunday since. Teli and Jah [Ninjasonik] are the homies—they know what the fuck is up. We all met a few years back through Matt K and bumped into each other in the street a few months back. They asked me if I wanted to get down and bring the Chocolate Sundays party up to New York. Chocolate Sundays has been going strong since then with guests such as Anthony Flammia, DJ Izzo, Freddie Gibbs, Unstoppable Death Machine, Haunted Horses, Goonburg, Dirty South Joe, Swizzymack, MeLo-X, Slim Dollars, Skotch Davis, and many more.

**What is ‎in store for tomorrow's party? ** CMJ performances by Traptain Morgan and Friends, Ninjasonik, She's Ryan, Skip Rage, Slim Dollars, Goonburg, Gramz, $1 Bin, xrs, and Kit. Of course, our amazing DJs, Yamez and AK Murder, will also be playing. It will be hosted by Puma and Randy Beerz.

That's a great line up, Joel. Thanks for continuing to keep things melting away at Chocolate Sundays.

Check out Chocolate Sundays every Sunday at 11 PM. _ _The Flat
308 Hooper Street
Brooklyn, New York


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