Taji Ameen

  • Watch the Gonz's New Short Film '08NOBEL80'

    A few nights ago, I received a late night phone call from artist and skateboarder Mark Gonzales a.k.a. the Gonz. We made plans to meet at midnight at Astor Place. Over the next few hours, the Gonz shot footage of us riding skateboards and bikes through...

  • The Public Fruit of Erin Albrecht

    For this week's Mahal, I caught up with photo extraordinaire, Erin Albrecht. Unlike most photographers, Erin never shoots parties, fashion shows, or other events. Instead, she only captures moments from her own life.

  • Catching up with Krussia, New York's Best Russian Rapper

    For this week's Mahal, I hit up Russian rapper Krussia's 2 AM performance at CMJ's international show. Over the last few years, I've ran into Krussia from time to time as shredded the streets of New York on his bike. Here's a live video from his CMJ...

  • Jill Di Donato Talks About Her Book About Sex in the Lower East Side

    For this week's Mahal, I met with author and sex columnist Jill Di Donato at a garden to discuss her new novel and video project, Beautiful Garbage, about the commercialization of sex and the art scene in the Lower East Side.

  • Don't Sleep on Sunday Nights, Party at Joel Meinholz's Chocolate Sundays

    For this week's Mahal, I left my house on a Sunday night to meet up with Joel Meinholz at his raging party, Chocolate Sundays, a weekly event that happens simultaneously in Miami and Brooklyn.

  • HiriiTheHuman Is a Suburban Rap Prodigy

    For this week's Mahal, I met up HiriiTheHuman, a 15-year-old member of Rochester's suburban rap scene. While hanging out with Hirii, I asked him about growing up in the suburbs, his new song, and why there are no spaces in his name.