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These Boobs Kill Capitalists

Although the overthrowing of the Spanish government is hitting some kinks, one image from last week's protests shone like a ray of karmic light through all the police brutality and debris of smashed dreams. Or actually a bunch of images, most of which...
Κείμενο Paul Geddis

What with the overthrowing of the Spanish government not really happening and skulls getting cracked left, right, and center, the 25-S protests in Madrid last week turned out to be a bit of a bummer. However, there was one image that shone like a ray of karmic light through all the police brutality and debris of smashed dreams. Or actually a bunch of images, most of which were taken by pervy Spanish photographers, who may or may not have been suffering from pee-filled kettle boners.


But whatever, let's not ruin the moment:

Through her profile on Modelmayhem, I tracked down Jill Love: model, actress, independent filmmaker, and the best publicist Spain's anti-capitalist indignados movement could ever hope for. VICE: Hi Jill. You're a Catalan-born American filmmaker who lives in Santa Fe. Is that right? Is there anything else you'd like to share about yourself?
Jill Love: I'm Catalan, I was born in Tarragona. At the age of 18, I moved to Madrid to start a new life. At the age of 26, I moved to the United States to start another new life. I'm still moving and I'm still having new adventures every day.
Clearly. Did you expect the photographers to go so wild?
Not at all. I was on my knees in front of the police, praying to Isis. My eyes were closed. When I opened them I was surrounded by many photographers. It all got a little out of control. I left once it got too crazy.

Have you been getting much attention since the protest?
Yes, I'm getting a bit overwhelmed with the situation, to be honest.
What's the reaction been like from the rest of the 25-S protesters?
Loads of people understood that my act was one of LOVE and PEACE. Others think it's an easy way to get attention.

Was it?

Hippies changed the world back in the 1960s. Nude breasts and flowers were their most powerful weapons.

What was going through your head at that moment? Was that a yoga position you were doing?


I was praying to Isis. First on my knees and then standing up.

Were you with anyone else at the protests?

I went alone. None of my friends were available.

How much have you been involved with 15M/Occupy?

I'm a Facebook activist. In some ways, yes, I have been involved, in the US and Spain.

Is this the first time you've fought capitalism with your boobs?

No, I did the same in San Francisco at Occupy Oakland.

There's obviously a sort of tradition of using female nudity as a political statement. Have you heard about Femen?

I know a bit, but I'd like to know more. I think female nudity is very powerful. Marianne led the French Revolution with her naked breasts and a flag.

I watched the trailer for Isis, one of your films, and was pleasantly surprised. There seems to be a debt to Spanish experimental filmmakers. Are there any directors you particularly admire?

Lynch, Buñuel, Kubrick, Haneke, and Hitchcock.

How did you finance it?


Can you tell us a bit about your other films?

My films are about dreams and nightmares, life and death, light and darkness. They are fantastic and oniric. My production company's name is Day's Dream. That was my first movie.

The Dream of Day

. My second one is

WAVES - A Tale of Love and Obsession

. It’s a lesbian story set in San Francisco.

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