Paul Geddis

  • The Gibraltar Standoff Is About More Than Fishing and Cigarettes

    While the chest-puffing scenes of Spanish fishing "armadas" facing off against British warships has been good fun from a media point of view, it's detracted from the real issue surrounding the tension: the Spanish government is trying to hide from the...

  • This Guy Took Out a Gigantic Loan to Destroy the Financial System

    In 2008, anticapitalist campaigner Enric Durán borrowed €492,000 ($642,306) from 39 different financial entities with absolutely no hope or intention of paying it back. Instead he used the money to fund a number of unspecified causes and now faces jail...

  • Chavez Has Six More Years in Power

    This past Sunday, amid a political climate so polarized that it makes Romney and Obama look like sexed up newlyweds, Venezuela celebrated their presidential elections. Hugo Chavez beat opposition candidate Henrique Capriles, giving him another six...

  • These Boobs Kill Capitalists

    Although the overthrowing of the Spanish government is hitting some kinks, one image from last week's protests shone like a ray of karmic light through all the police brutality and debris of smashed dreams. Or actually a bunch of images, most of which...

  • The Christians Tried to Firebomb Bruce LaBruce

    Bruce's latest art show really freaked out God lovers in Madrid.

  • The Police Are Fighting Schoolkids in Valencia

    Things are getting fighty as Spain goes down the shitter.

  • #spanishrevolution or #dumbcrusties?

    Last weekend anti capitalist marches took place in 50 Spanish cities under the banner "Democracia Real Ya." Although the turnout was much higher than expected, most people's attitude was, "another day, another bunch of crusties on the street."

  • Luis Venegas is a Geek

    Beneath its veneer of elitism, the fashion world is just full of geeks.

  • Taking a Long Hard Look and Coming Up Short

    I am crushed the fuck out on a 71-year-old man. He's not writing me into his will or anything, but Charles Brewer--Carias is a walking, breathing, moustachioed archetype of manliness.

  • Pop Vox: Street Justice in Barcelona

    I was just the other day thinking that it's a bit weird that literally everyone I know in Barcelona has been robbed or mugged at least once in the last six months.

  • In Dog We Trust

    In Dog We Trust is the ripe fruit plucked from the tree of the mutual interests of two hardcore kids from Barcelona. It's a book of just hardcore and dogs. Sometimes life is simple.