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The Horror Issue

The vice Guide To Horror Villains

Real horror fans are nerds who want revenge. We root for our favorite villains the whole way through the film because we WANT the innocents to be killed and tortured. Therein lies the fun. That's why the victims of all the slasher films are preppy...

Photo by June Sprig; illustrations by Johnny Ryan

Named after a kid who bullied Wes Craven at school, Freddy may have many inventive ways of eviscerating big-breasted chicks, but recently he was beaten and beheaded in a fight by Jason Voorhees in Freddy vs. Jason. We talked to horror legend Dick Warlock, who told us: “The first thing you have to realize is that Freddy is a dream. He can appear anytime, anywhere. So it isn’t really a fair fight.” Hmm. Jörg Buttgereit’s opinion: “He works well in the first film, but then he fails miserably. The king of the child molesters was Albert Fish, and Freddy is somehow a mainstream version of this guy, trying to fuck children in their nightmares.” Ew. Horror rating: 6




Mike’s scary factor is lessened when you realize that his mask is in fact, inexplicably, a mold of William Shatner’s face. Actually, does that make him more scary? Another reason why Mike isn’t all that comes from Dick Warlock: “The only psychology I had in my head for the role was my check at the end of the week,” he admitted to us. Don’t you feel let down? Maybe Freddy was a pedophile, but at least Robert Englund based his whole life around that part.

Jörg’s opinion

: “I think that Carpenter was afraid of showing a normal killer, so he came up with this whole blank no-expression mask idea where the people can see their fears reflected or whatever. Boring.”

Horror rating

: 6.3



Did you see the remake of

Texas Chainsaw Massacre

? They should have called it

Jessica Biel’s Tits-ass Titsaw Ass-acre

. Jesus, how bad is that film? It takes some points off Tobe Hooper and Kim Henkel’s creation, who, despite having that homely apron-wearing farmhand look down pat, is a mommy’s boy based on the worst serial killer ever, Ed Gein.

Jörg’s opinion

: “I love this character. He is probably my favorite one. Leatherface is the classical ultra-horny redneck trying to fuck girls with his motor chainsaw dick.” Oooohkaaaaye.

Horror rating

: 7


The Exorcist

is rated “Scariest Film Ever” by Chas Balun from

Deep Red Magazine


, but when it comes to a battle between the big guys, how is a little girl, albeit one possessed by the devil, ever going to win? She’s going to say bad things about their mothers and make the room all icy? Big whup. The big guys all hate their mother already. She can only hope to win against normal people like us.

Jörg’s opinion

: “Linda Blair is the perfect example of kids gone wild because their hippie parents were afraid of not being cool.

The Exorcist

portrays in a very clever way the fears of this flower-power generation—rebel kids with secrets and answers.”

Horror rating

: 5


Fans of art-house cinema love to waffle on about how much they shit their pants watching this film, but they’re all lying. People shit their pants when they watch it because it’s so boring and overlong that their bowels evacuate in protest. Ooh! The ringing telephone! That’s a new one. And the spooky magic well? Who is scared of wells anymore, besides toddlers in Texas? When’s the last time you even saw a well? When you see her eye at the end it’s kind of scary, but the rest of the film is like waiting for a kettle to boil for two hours.

Jörg’s opinion

: “Like in all those new Japanese movies, the bad character is a cute Japanese girl.”

Horror rating

: 5


You wouldn’t look twice at this gay, stripy-shirted little bitch if you saw him in your sister’s bedroom, but when you see the actual films and consider that those two little bastards from Liverpool who murdered three-year-old James Bulger used to watch


Child’s Play

around the clock, the films take on a supremely nasty air.

Jörg’s opinion

: “I guess he came out in a period where all this media stuff about video games and violence in TV shows transforming kids into psychopaths was going on. He looks like he’s high all the time or something.”

Horror rating

: 8.4


Not that scary at first glance, but she killed her whole fucking school on prom night. Not even the guy from, um,

Prom Night

managed that glorious feat. Every person in the world, man and woman, knows the monthly apocalypse of PMS. When you couple that insanity with the deadly power of telekinesis you get an instant bloodbath. This puts her almost at the top of the pile. Even the amazingly terrible 90s nu-metal goth sequel doesn’t count against her here.

Jörg’s opinion

: “Carrie is a loser who can’t deal with the cheerleaders. I see the whole movie as a giant fuck. Carrie is metaphorically fucked by John Travolta when he drops all that blood on her white dress.


is all about sexual freedom and first experiences, which is normally more related to vampire movies.” Sorry, Jörg, but we don’t agree. You sound like an angry horror nerd. Oh wait—you are.

Horror rating

: 8.9


It took till

Part 3

for Jason to get his mask. Before that he was just a mong with a bag on his head. The idea for the mask and Jason’s fucked-up face came from gore-FX legend Tom Savini and character creator Ron Kurz. He changed into a metal-clad martian in


Jason X

and delivered the most vicious killing of any slasher film with his first kill in

Jason vs. Freddy

. His brutality is unending.

Jörg’s opinion

: “He’s a very dumb character. He is a conservative right-wing Nazi slashing young couples that want to have sex. He punishes them for the freedom they possess. In my opinion he’s the worst of all those characters.”

Sorry, Jörg, but according to our man Dick Warlock, “Out of all these characters it’s going to be between Jason and me. If Michael keeps getting physically larger as these films progress, he has a shot. Otherwise Jason, being as big as he is, will whip Michael.”

Horror rating

: 9


The franchise starts here.


Hey, Horror Legend, What’s New?

Leonard Lies

I played the zombie in the original

Dawn of the Dead

who gets a machete through his head. What’s scary about my character is that he’s going to outlive me, like


did with Boris Karloff. When I was a child, Karloff was my hero. I was writing horror and sci-fi horror stories when I was eight years old, so playing the Machete Zombie was a natural step as an adult. Now I get to meet thousands of fans and not just talk to them about movies, but also influence what they’re thinking about themselves and the world and vice versa. Right now I’m producing an educational DVD for the State of Pennsylvania about brain injuries. Pretty ironic for the Machete Zombie. It’s very intense.


Don Shanks, Michael Myers in Halloween V

I was just in

Urban Legend 3

. It came out on DVD. And I’m going to be the killer in

I Know What You Did Last Summer 3

. My favorite horror films are probably the old classics, like Bela Lugosi films. I started in movies by wrestling bears in

Grizzly Adams


Butch Patrick, a.k.a. Eddie Munster

I’m more of a comedy than a horror guy. If I had to pick a favorite horror movie, I’d go with


. It’s horror-sci-fi. As for the old classics, it would have to be

Abbot and Costello Meet Frankenstein

. I’ve been traveling a lot lately. I just went to Transylvania. I visited the grave of Vlad the Impaler. I shouldn’t be saying this, but I brought back a little piece of dirt from there!

Hey, Horror Legend, What’s New?

Kyra Schon

I played the little-girl zombie who was in the basement in the original

Night of the Living Dead

. I grew up watching horror movies.

The Crawling Eye

was one of my favorites. By the time we shot

Night of the Living Dead

, I was beside myself. It was great. But my favorite horror film of all time is Jaws.

Jonathan Breck

I play the Creeper in the

Jeepers Creepers

films. I never was a horror fan before I got hired to do these movies. I think it served me well to play the Creeper. I found him, just like I find every character I play. I did a lot of backstory for the character, but I don’t like to tell fans about that. He’s much scarier because you don’t know who he is.


Miko Hughes

I was Gage, the blond little psycho zombie baby who slashes everybody up in

Pet Sematary

. I was also in

Wes Craven’s New Nightmare

, the last of the TRUE Freddy movies. I kicked Freddy’s ass in that.

Leo Rossi,

I was the wiseacre, Bud, in

Halloween II

and I was also in

Maniac Cop 2

. Did I realize when I was playing Bud that he would have such staying power? No. But I knew that he was a colorful character. Everybody loves the wisenheimer.