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  • Road to Ruin

    The roots of the conflict in Syria stretch back centuries—namely to the battle between the Sunni Muslim majority and a mystical-Shia sect known as the Alawites. This timeline provides some context to the recent bloodletting and its supremely convoluted...

  • Welcome to the Syria Issue

    Today we are proud to present the first bits of The Syria Issue, an entire magazine dedicated to one of the oldest and most important cradles of civilization in the world that has been decimated by brutal internal strife for the past year and a half.

  • The VICE Guide to Syria

    We have put together this guide in an attempt to condense the facts gleaned from thousands of pages of reference books, biographies, religious texts, firsthand accounts, reports, and other information that have informed "The Syria Issue." We could’ve...

  • The VICE Guide to Voting - Otherkin

    The deciding day of the 2012 election draws near, and as a politically undecided man-dolphin, you're not sure where to cast your vote. Where do the candidates stand on the right to life for demonkin? It's a complicated world, and you may have a fake...

  • The VICE Guide to Voting - High-Class Whores

    PROSTITUTION. A vocation as old as politics and half as dirty. Professional ladies and fancy gents have been taking it for cash long before Obama and Romney were shaking hands and kissing babies. If this election is about redefining social order, our...

  • The VICE Guide To Iraq

    Iraq is more than just exploding bodies, bloodthirsty zealots, and confused American soldiers. It’s also got spicy meat soups and raisin-juice, verdant rose bushes, and centuries of culture and tradition.