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Vice Fashion - Dos And Don'ts

Photos by Andy Fallon & Glynnis McDaris

Here's a bunch of our favorite DON'Ts and a human example of how that particular look should be done.
Photos: Andy Fallon & Glynnis McDaris
Styling: Debbie Dahl
Grooming: Robin Lake
Scouting: Anita Crapper

DO - tank and dress model's own, tights by Fogal, shoes model's own

DO - shoes by Marc Jacobs, denim skirt by Firetrap, jumper by Penguin

DO - shoes by Converse, skirt by Firetrap, shirt by Fred Perry, sweatshirt and jacket by Boxfresh


DO - shoes by Converse, jeans by Levi's, tank model's own, t-shirt and hoody by Aurora Borealis

DO - vintage bag from What Comes Around Goes Around, sandals: vintage Balloons from What Comes Around Goes Around

DO - shoes by Converse, corduroy trousers model's own, shirt by Boxfresh, blazer by Marc Jacobs.

DO - shoes by Converse, trousers model's own, thermal by Annerity Raiders, t-shirt and hooded sweatshirt by Aurora Borealis

DO - boots by French Frost, tights by Fogal, dress by Eley Kishimoto