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Kitty City

Photos by Tim Barber Styling by Gia Bahm
Κείμενο Tim Barber

Conceptual boss /Art Director: Judi Rosen
Photographer: Tim Barber
Set Design: Amy Henry
Stylist: Gia Bahm
Animal Care & Control: Latisha Townsend of New York, Brooklyn shelter
Photo Assistant: Mike Spears
Production Assistants: Melissa Kussman, Hester Sunshine, Ly Ngo Special thanks: Keeva Hallferty,
Brooke Backman, Stephanie Jurist, Jameyka Birhan, Eniko, Royce Meier
Extra special thanks to the New York City Animal Care and Control Brooklyn Adoption Center and Brooklyn Animal Resource Center (BARC Shelter) for the kittens and for trusting us. If you want to adopt kittens from this shoot, write to If you want to adopt any animals, NYCACC and BARC are the way to go.
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New York, New York 10009