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Nova Scotia's Human Weirdness

Outside of the holiday season, the Atlantic Province is one huge, deserted, frozen lump of nothingness.
Κείμενο Dave Bevan
19 Μάρτιος 2012, 2:25pm

Here are some snaps from another freezing border run that my girlfriend Sarah and I took through the Atlantic Provinces of northeastern US and Canada (Vermont, Quebec, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Maine, etc.) one winter.

We lived in a borrowed car for three weeks, sleeping in the eerie, deserted parking lots of national parks and down quiet, muddy lanes, the occasional fire providing warmth and hot food, but other than that, freezing our appendages off. We awoke to icicles on the inside of the car more than once, and inquisitive locals peering in a few times over.

The weirdness of places is probably magnified outside of the holiday season they're mainly built around, and at that time of year the whole Atlantic Province region seemed like one huge, deserted, frozen lump of nothingness...

In short, it was great.

- Dave

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