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Wide World of Balls

The Giants Won Everything

The Giants win baseball, a college kid's leg loses football, and the Steelers' uniforms lose fashion. A bunch of other stuff happened in sports this week (though hockey did not happen) and we break it down here.
Κείμενο Lou Doggs
29 Οκτώβριος 2012, 3:10pm

There was this super intense storm on Sunday night and it wiped out all the scores. Luckily, I found them, and they are 2-1, 21-14, 1-1 (OT), 5-3, 65-4, and (forfeit). Hope that helps, and the rest of the important sports news from this past week follows, so you can slowly earn your dad's respect back, nerd.


- Going into the weekend the Giants took a surprising 2-0 World Series lead—many smart folks had the Tigers winning because of their awesome pitching rotation—but go figure, they won two more games and therefore, everything. Basically, it's baseball—it's awesome and completely unpredictable.

- That’s basically it for baseball news, because it's the World Series, duh. BUT, Miguel Cabrera got a real triple crown for winning the triple crown. It’s pretty sweet. Here’s Ted Williams’ triple crown, which is even sweeter because it's old.


- The season’s half over! It'd be cool if someone made one of those videos with the slow motion and the really bad music commemorating it.

- The Giants blew it but then the Cowboys blew it worse at the last second. If Dez Bryant stayed inbounds on his incredible last-second catch, Dallas would’ve won. Skip Bayless hates sports, though, and wasn’t impressed.

- Also, are the Cowboys turning into the Raiders thanks to owner Jerry Jones keeping himself on as the general manager and screwing everything up? Definitely not: Al Davis more style than Jerry.

- The Steelers wore these amazing uniforms Sunday, and less importantly, they won.


- The Thunder, who played in the Finals last season, traded their super-good-at-basketball sixth man, James Harden, to Houston, for a pretty good return. It's impressive the Thunder got so much, but it'll still hurt them in the short term, especially when it comes to matching up against the Lakers. (They have Dwight Howard and Steve Nash, remember? Damn, this will be a fun season)

- David Stern is retiring from his post as commissioner, but will still consult, and the guy replacing him is basically him.

- LeBron just said he wants to be the best of all time, probably because Coach K, the Duke dude, was gassing him up real good on it. K thinks he can get 20 assists in a game this season? That would be impressive! Numbers. Sports.


- The Islanders are moving to Brooklyn in a few years, though they way the strike is going, all their players might still be in Russia's KHL then. The team will keep its name and colors, and will continue to be bad. What's stupid is that the KHL was going to have a couple games in Brooklyn this winter, but they're not going to now. It seems super short-sighted since it'd tie in nicely to the whole Brooklyn Islanders thing, but maybe it has something to do with Nets owner Mikhail Prokhorov entering Russian politics?

- No hockey still, duh, but now a source is saying there'll be no Winter Classic or All-Star Game, even. It’s gotten so bad that the Bruins’ head coach is now coaching kids and a TV announcer is working on his house. Just shameful. We can do better.

College Football:

- Here are the rankings. Georgia beat Florida in a pretty good game, but not enough to cover this dude's boast.

- South Carolina's running back hurt his leg (aaaaaahhhh!) and may have lost a payday. Poor kid.

- Notre Dame is the real deal.

- Baseball is over, but this story isn't really about baseball, it's about this one dude and his dad, and it's real good, even if you aren't into heavy stuff.


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