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What Part of a Person Would You Eat First?

Surprisingly, everyone we talked to had an answer for this one. What is wrong with you people?
VICE Staff
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OK, so the plane you’re flying in crashes, and you make it to a remote island with a group of survivors, just like in Lost. But unlike in Lost, there's no ratings-grabbing mystery, and no food. If you want to survive, someone is going to have to get eaten, and the only question is what part of that person are you going to eat first? That’s what we asked some people on the street. Unbelievably, they answered us.

Richard: The first thing that comes to mind is the legs. I guess the calves.

Why the calves?
I don’t know. The calves and up have more meat, I guess. The legs meet most standards in that situation, if there are any.

John (Richard’s buddy): I would say the thighs, actually, now that he brings up the legs. It is the biggest muscle in the body, and it’s also the largest, easiest to be grown out… Yeah, I would say the thighs. Plenty to dig in to.

Sarah [After consulting with her boyfriend, who wouldn’t give us an answer but was into it enough to advise her]: Um, I would eat the middle part of the body, the torso. Because if I went up to the top of the body, the head—I don’t think that’s OK. The head is not appealing.

George: Is it my body, or someone else’s body?

Someone else’s body, George. Unless you want to eat yourself?
Oh. Well, I hope it’s a fat person; that would sustain me for a while. I guess the fattiest part on a woman is the chest. I guess other than that, the butt—you know, if I have to.

Chandrima: Honestly, I don’t think I would eat anything off another person’s body.

But you have to in this scenario. Say I’m holding a gun to your head. 
If I have to, I would eat their stomach. I don’t know why, it just sounds good to me.

Jennifer: I would eat a thigh, because that’s what you eat from chicken.

You like thighs over breasts?
It’s the most meaty, tasty part. I like the dark meat.

Dominic: I would eat either the stomach or the thigh, because the thigh has the most fat. The stomach is just something I would want to eat and try.

What order would you eat them in?
I would eat the thigh, and then the stomach—if I was still hungry.

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