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Do You Think You're Fashionable?

Some people are just inherently more fashionable than others. Are you one of them?
VICE Staff
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Welcome to Question of the Day. It gives interns something to do!

You know what gets me down? Poor fashion choice. Wear what you want. But do so while accepting the fact that some people are just inherently more fashionable than others. Who are those people? Do you think you're fashionable?

VICE: Do you think you’re fashionable?
Michael, 25, fashion buyer for Topman: Yeah.

What do you think we’ll see a lot of, fashion-wise, this summer?
Hmmm… shorts?

A bold prediction. Is orange juice going to be a hot accessory for summer?
More people should try to pull this off.

Dr. Oke, 62: I love fashion. I just bought two shirts for £80. You can’t find shirts like this anywhere else.

The Kingsland Shopping Center is the place to be then, huh?
Oh yes. I’ve been buying from here since 1998. Once I bought a shirt for £69. One shirt. That’s how you know I am all about fashion.

Do you have any tips for people looking to dress better?
Don’t copy anybody. I do my own thing. I design my own look. These shirts I just bought, you’ll never find them anywhere. They’re mine. I don’t want to mix with the crowd.

People should call you Dr. "I love shirts."
When will I see you again? What is your name? You are a beautiful girl. I hope they are paying you well for this.

Chaliss (left) and Penda, both 17.

Do you think you’re fashionable?
Chaliss: Sure.

What’s fashionable to you?
Chaliss: Mixing up girl’s clothes with boys. I want to look girly but chavvy. Girly accessories.

What about you, Penda?
Penda: I want to look nice. I try to be really color-coordinated.

Any hot tips for aspiring fashionistas?
Wear lots of different colors.

But not the wrong colors?

Jay, 22 (left) and Vanessa, 27.

What is fashionable right now?
Jay: Being who you are and creating your own style. Especially in this area [Dalston, East London].

Are you fashionable?

I don’t know. I try different stuff. I do my own stuff. I made this shirt myself, so…

Well, you tie-dyed it yourself, so… Do you "make" a lot of your own clothes?
Sometimes. I cut the sleeves off some shirts, and made some shorts out of some trousers.

Augusta, 20, interior design student: I’m stylish more than fashionable.

What’s the difference?
To be fashionable, you have to know what the trends are for all the seasons, and stylish is like, you dress… well, it's when you have your own… it’s…. dressing fashionable but in your own way. For you.


Do you think you’re a fashionable person?
Matthew, 25: No.

On a scale of 1 to 10, how interested are you in fashion?
Probably a 3 or a 4.

What is the 30 or 40 percent of you that’s into clothes interested in?
I own a lot of slogan T-shirts. That’s about as far into fashion as I get.

What slogans?
I’ve got this one that has SpongeBob SquarePants on it, wearing hipster glasses. It says “Geek of the Week.” That’s my favorite T-shirt.

Louise (left) 32, events and marketing and Susie, 32, milliner.

So you make hats.
Susie: Yes.

So you work in fashion, do you think you’re fashionable?
Susie: I think maybe we just don’t care any more. [Gestures to stroller] I used to like to follow fashion a lot, but now everything gets covered in baby poo, or puke, or snot.

The other day I wore a new dress out and a complete stranger vomited on it. I feel your pain.
Louise: I’m wearing vomit right now. I could have changed, but I didn’t. I figured I was just going to get more on it later.

Jessie (left), 21, Harmony, 25, musician/ model and Nicole, 27, “musician/ designer/ inventor/ partygoer.”

VICE: Do you think you’re fashionable?
Harmony: Wow, you’ve just totally formalized this chill park time we were having. I don’t know if I could say I’m "fashionable." These glasses are held together with an elastic band.
Nicole: Harmony and I have one wardrobe, that we share. It’s all monochrome. So if black is fashionable, then yeah, we are.

Do you guys judge other people’s fashion choices?
Nicole: Of course. Everyone does.
Jessie: We can be pretty brutal sometimes.

What do you think is unfashionable?
That weird photo shoot going on over there. Very unnecessary.

Weird fashion whaaaaat, where? OK, bye. Gotta go talk to those guys now.

Cheyenne, 28, makeup artist and Emma, 28, stylist (plus Helen Olds, photographer, and Tatjana Saric, model).

VICE: So you guys are obviously doing fashion right now. What’s the concept?
Emma: We’re going with very neutral colors, either black or white, and very structured. This is our third look of the day, and I think she looks amazing.
Cheyenne: It’s dark, there’s shape to it. It’s a really interesting look.

Would you wear it?
Cheyenne: It probably wouldn’t work, out in the world.
Emma: Our whole theme for this shoot is quite "out there," quite avant-garde. The minimal, structured look is very in at the moment. I’ve seen a lot of designers doing it.

OK, thanks guys. Good luck with Look #4.

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