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Swabbing Poop on a Silicon Valley Pirate Ship

The average full-time Apple employee makes $11.62 an hour, like $23,000 a year.
Brian Merchant
Κείμενο Brian Merchant

As if you needed any more proof that Apple is a cult, try this: Apple Store employees, who hock luxury computing goods all day, make nothing. But they still do it because Apple says it’s noble work.

The New York Times just kicked Apple’s ass again. Following up its report on the dismal labor conditions in the Chinese factories where Apple’s magical gizmos are made, the grey lady offers us a lengthy look at the decidedly less dismal, but still kind of shitty labor conditions in the U.S. stores where Apple’s magical gizmos are sold.

The report isn’t revelatory, but it is revealing. Here’s the gist:

A lot of employees and ex-employees that talked with the Times really hated working at Apple Stores. The average full-time Apple employee makes $11.62 an hour, like $23,000 a year, despite bringing in an average of $473,000 in revenue for the company. They make no commission on sales and the average employee quits after two and a half years. Many are college-educated and work long hours in stressful, frenzied conditions, even though there’s little to no room for advancement for the vast majority of them.

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