• Ο Eminem Παραμένει ο πιο Γρήγορος Ράπερ στον Κόσμο

    Το κομμάτι του, Godzilla, έσπασε ρεκόρ ταχύτητας στίχου, ξεπερνώντας το Rap God, επίσης του Eminem.

  • China Is Engineering Genius Babies

    It’s not exactly news that China is setting itself up as a new global superpower. While Western civilization chokes on its own gluttony like a latter-day Marlon Brando, China continues to buy up American debt and lock away the world’s natural resources...

  • Swabbing Poop on a Silicon Valley Pirate Ship

    The average full-time Apple employee makes $11.62 an hour, like $23,000 a year.

  • Genius Convention

    In June, the FBI hoisted that banner high over Miami when it threw the first ever Global Initiative to Combat Nuclear Terrorism Law Enforcement Conference.

  • Coogi Rap

    The legendary Kool Genius of Rap is arguably the only rapper from the 87 era who never fell off. His signature cadence has been mimicked by underground grimies like FT and mainstream icons like the late great Big Pun, while his vivid storytelling...