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VICE Fashion - #1 Fans

Obsessive fans showing off their collections.
Κείμενο Milos Mali

Photographer: Milos Mali

Stylist: Hayley Callander


: “The first Kiss album I ever bought was a self titled one in 1974. I have too many Kiss albums to count—I basically own everything they have ever done. The first time I saw them was in 1980 at VFL Park and I've seen them 21 times since.”

Dean runs a regular night in Melbourne called Back In The Day. For details go to

Dean wears: jeans by Levis, belt and chain by Insight. Shirt and shoes model’s own.



: “I have a massive ANTiSEEN collection which I organise by release date. I own everything—even multiple copies of the same record if they released different coloured vinyl or multiple test pressings. I have gold master copies of records, a wash board from the band’s 15th Anniversary show and a signed limited 7" which is one of only 16.”

Neil wears: Schwipe shorts, Obey t-shirt and Nikes.


: “I moved to Melbourne six years ago to start my show on PBS FM. My very first record was Alice Cooper’s Trash but I have full collections of every band Damien Moyal has been in including Culture, Morning Again and As Friends Rust. I also have everything Jonah Matranga, former front man for the band Far and Now One Line Drawing, has ever done. You can hear Sarah’s show Headwealth on PBS on Friday nights 8-10pm.

Sarah wears: Lacoste shoes, Lee black supertube jeans, Paul Frank knit, Milk and Honey cardigan and P.A.M necklace.


: “I have been collecting records for over 20 years now and have over 20,000 records which range from full albums and compilations to singles. I am a huge James Brown fan and have around 200 of his records alone. It’s hard to find specific records in my collection because I don’t keep them in any particular order—I’m not a record nerd!” You can check out some of his collection and even take some of it home from his record store—Funk Record Bar, 122 Hoddle St, Collingwood.


John wears: Puma shoes and James Brown t-shirt. Pants, model’s own.


: “I’ve been collecting Bowie records since I was 10 years old. I’ve seen him live five times and once ended up at an afterparty at the Hilton where we all sat around and listened to him crack jokes and sing songs.”

Piotr wears Pepe jeans, Firetrap t-shirt under his Bowie t-shirt, Insight jacket and Emerica “Reynolds 3” shoes.


: “I first bought Alice Cooper’s Trash when it came out in ‘89. I’ve pretty much been obsessed with him ever since and have figurines, posters, rare pressings of his records, ticket stubs from before I was born, set lists and I try to collect every article written about him.”

Justin wears: Dr Martin boots, Alice Cooper t-shirt, Levis jeans, Bico Necklace.


: “George and I have been friends for over 40 years and both of us have collected music the whole time. I started collecting Who records in the summer of ’65 after I heard “My Generation” at a pinball parlour. I started off on Elvis, Gene Vincent and The Beatles and moved on to The Who—I got rid of the quiff and became a Who fan.”

Steve wears: Huffer jacket, Levis jeans and Who t. Shoes, models own.


: “Steve and I have been partners in crime since first form. I have over 250 Rolling Stones records, tapes and CDs plus a huge collection of memorabilia. I first saw the Stones in 1973, the third time they toured Australia. When I was eleven I heard “Little Red Rooster” on my father’s radio and that was it! The Stones got me into trouble though. We used to sew secret pockets inside our duffel coats and go into Brashs and steal our favourites. Records were really expensive then.”

George wears: Mjok blazer, Krew jeans, Rolling Stones t and Roccos boots.