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Vice Fashion - Out Of The Closet

The wardrobe of Ryan McGinley.

Digital Technician: Ramon Fernandez

Photographer’s Assistant: Jason DeStefano

Special thanks to Pier 59 Studios and Nicole Hertz at AFG

“I got these gold boots as a birthday present from Hedi Slimane a few years ago. I spent a lot of time in front of the mirror looking at them and thinking about how I was going to pull them off. I have to admit I’ve only worn them out a few times, but when I do I feel pretty glamorous.”


Patrik Ervell shirt, vintage sailor pants, Hedi Slimane Dior Homme boots


“This is my winter photography outfit. I wear it for every outdoor shoot I do. Wellingtons are a photographer’s best friend, trust me.”

North Face hat, Unis t-shirt, Ralph Lauren RRL thermal shirt, North Face Gore-Tex bib pants, Wellington boots


“D/L Cerney is a great little shop in the East Village that carries designs from the 1940s through 60s. These are very high-waisted, full-leg work pants with a 50s-style jacket to match. It’s all very

Back to the Future


D/L Cerney jacket and pants, Allen-Edmonds spectator shoes


“I had a growth spurt when I was about 13 years old and I’ve been 6' 2" ever since. These are my first pair of 34" length jeans. The knees keep tearing out and I keep taking them to the tailor to sew them up. They kind of have padded knees now from all the stitching and patching. This past summer I wore this outfit every day for three months on my journey around the USA. When you are on the road for so long with a van full of people, everyone is only allowed one or two outfits. My star intern Nicky embroidered my initials on the sleeve of this shirt and I plan to frame it very soon.”

APC shirt, Levi’s jeans, Converse shoes


“Last year I was in London looking at this suit. It cost 1,000 pounds. I really loved it and had never spent anywhere close to that much money on clothes, but I was with my art dealer, José Freire, who believes in spending money on clothes. He somehow convinced me to buy it. I regretted it at the time but now I’m happy that I bought such a fantastic suit and I wear it all the time.”


Martin Margiela three-piece suit, Unis t-shirt, Church’s shoes

“This is a very


, ‘Stay golden, Pony Boy’ outfit. Classic James Dean style. Anyone could wear this outfit and not get criticized. The artist Nate Lowman gave me the shirt, which he made for his gallery. I guess if you buy one of his pieces there all you get is this lousy t-shirt?”

Lee jean jacket, Nate Lowman “I Bought Art From Maccarone and All I Got Was This Lousy T-Shirt” t-shirt, Levi’s jeans, Converse shoes

          “I’ve never seen the play

Les Misérables

but I think the illustration for it is so beautiful. My friend Daniel Salmon designs the men’s Marc by Marc Jacobs line and he gave me these thermals as a Christmas present in 2006. I love them because they’re thin but still keep me warm. I wear this agnès b. scarf around the Christmas holidays but never after New Year’s.”

Vintage t-shirt, Marc Jacobs long johns, Wigwam socks, agnès b. scarf


“I got this Mike Vallely shirt when I first started skating in the late 80s. It’s a real rarity. In the drawing he looks like Bart


or something, but it’s from before the Simpsons came out. This is my hanging-out- around-the- apartment style.”

Vintage Mike Vallely t-shirt, Marc by Marc Jacobs thermals and socks


“I love these Margiela jeans. I’ve had them for seven years now. They’re vintage blue Levi’s painted with white paint. They almost feel like leather pants. You could pour a bottle of red wine over them and nothing would happen. When they get dirty I wipe them down with Windex and a sponge and they are back to new!”


Vintage Morrissey t-Shirt, Martin Margiela jeans, Converse shoes


“This outfit makes me feel like I’m in a new wave band. I love this leather tie. I’ve given them to friends as presents at least ten times. You can’t go wrong with a black leather tie.”

Vintage motorcycle jacket, Patrik Ervell shirt, Dior Homme tuxedo pants, agnès b. tie, Opening Ceremony tuxedo shoes


“Kim Jones did this great line for Topman a few years ago. If you’re Japanese and you collect shit you probably own all of it. Dash Snow is obsessed with Saddam Hussein and is always collecting vintage anti-Iraq t-shirts. This is one of them—the best one. It’s got a combat boot that says ‘USA’ on it about to stomp a spider with Saddam Hussein’s face. Dash got the spider tattooed on his forearm. APC made these colorful pants in 2003 that everyone wore at the time. I still wear my pink ones because it makes me feel like bubblegum.”

Kim Jones for Topman terry-cloth jacket, vintage “Iraqnophobia” t-shirt, APC jeans, Converse shoes


“These pants were a gift from Jack Walls. They belonged to Robert Mapplethorpe. Sometimes I’ll just put them on in my studio to be inspired. You have to stuff socks and underwear in the sides to keep the shape.”

45rpm hat, vintage t-shirt, vintage leather jodhpurs, Dickies socks


“I bought this outfit for a

Great Gatsby

-themed party and ended up wearing it again recently to my friend Matthew’s graduation from Wesleyan University, which seemed fitting.”


Ralph Lauren seersucker suit, Topman tie, Church’s shoes


“I met Bruce LaBruce in 1998. Back then he would come to NYC a few times a year and stay at my apartment in the East Village and we would have adventures. The first time I went to visit him in Toronto we went out on the town and somehow I got lost, then lost my clothes, then ended up in his stairway in the morning. Bruce lent me this Ramones t-shirt. It’s so thin that when you hold it up you can see through it clearly. That’s how punk rock Bruce LaBruce is.”

Vintage t-Shirt, Ralph Lauren RRL Jeans, Robert Mapplethorpe’s old motorcycle boots (another gift from Jack Walls)


“One of my brothers died of AIDS in 1994. He bought this t-shirt shortly before his death. I wear it all the time and it makes me think of him. I remember being about 13 years old and going to Gay Men’s Health Crisis marches in NYC with him, and he and his boyfriend would be shouting, ‘We’re here, we’re queer, fight AIDS, fight back!’”

Vintage tank top, Kim Jones jeans, Nike shoes


“In middle school I saw the movie


and my style changed overnight. It was all about skinny pants and big army parkas. This was the first military coat I bought and I still wear it all the time. If you are lucky enough to be friends with the artist Marc Hundley then you probably have one of his famous t-shirts with song lyrics stenciled on them.”

Vintage parka, Marc Hundley t-shirt, APC New Standard jeans, black leather Converse shoes



“agnès b. wanted to print one of my photos on a t-shirt. I wasn’t so hot on the idea, but then Dan Colen suggested that I use an image from my ‘Puking’ series. That way no one would ever wear it and it would just become a piece of art. I asked agnès to print it on a standard t-shirt. When it came back from France it was on some weird scoop-neck, extra-extra- long-sleeved, French weirdo t-shirt. It’s kind of the best object ever because of that reason.”

agnès b. limited-edition t-shirt, vintage military coat from What Comes Around Goes Around, agnès b. suit pants, Adidas shoes


“I use a lot of fireworks in my photographs. When I travel cross-country and buy fireworks I end up buying t-shirts too. This is my favorite brand of fireworks and my favorite fireworks t-shirt. Recently when I was on line at airport security I put my belt into the X-ray machine and when I got to the other side it was gone. I noticed a retarded boy who was standing on line in front of me wearing it and I just couldn’t say anything about it. I was on a shoot for the

New York Times Magazine

and the stylist gave me this ladies belt to keep my pants up. I would never buy a red patent-leather belt but I love wearing this one.”

Vintage Black Cat t-shirt, vintage Levi’s Sta-Prest jeans, H&M belt, Nike Air Max shoes


“I started doing yoga recently and am pretty much hooked. I’m embarrassed to say it, but it kind of changed my life. This outfit is supposed to be for runners but it also works well for yoga.”


Saucony tank top and shorts, Wigwam socks

          “I first met agnès b. in 2002. I remember the first suit I picked out in her store in Los Angeles. It was light pink and I wore it to my first opening out there. Now her clothes occupy a very large space in my closet. She has given me a suit for each opening I’ve had over the last six years. That’s a lot of suits, and this is one of them. For some reason I’ve also worn this suit on Thanksgiving for the last three years. It seems appropriate.”

agnès b. corduroy suit, shirt, and tie; Church’s shoes


“Adam Kimmel is a great new menswear designer out of NYC. He makes beautiful clothes for guys who like their clothes to fit relaxed and comfortable. I went to Tokyo for a Tiny Vices exhibition and my Japanese hosts gave me these Adidas as a gift. I was so happy because they’re designed by one of my favorite contemporary artists, Jim Lambie.”

Adam Kimmel denim twill suit, Jim Lambie limited-edition Adidas shoes


“My first boyfriend had these great paint-splattered work pants that I loved to steal. I wore them for so long that after a while I just figured they were mine and I got them tailored to fit me perfectly without asking him. Of course right after that he asked for them back and we got in a huge fight because they didn’t fit him anymore. It was serious relationship drama. Shortly afterward he pushed me down a set of 20 metal stairs, I nearly broke my neck, and then we broke up. I still love him.”


Martin Margiela jacket, Adam Kimmel denim shirt, Kim Jones puffy tie, Dickies pants, Converse shoes


“Have you ever seen the film

Prick Up Your Ears

with Gary Oldman playing the playwright Joe Orton? When I first saw it I didn’t get the ironic title. If you say it fast with an English accent it becomes ‘Prick Up Your Arse.’ Get it, like dick up your ass? Anyway, I spent far too much money on this amazing vintage Westwood creation one rainy day in England. It’s got drawings of punks having an orgy on it.”

Levi’s corduroy jacket and pants, Vivienne Westwood Seditionaries t-shirt, Converse shoes


“This is a pretty typical outfit for me lately. I usually wear the same thing for weeks at a time, so it was pretty fun to get dressed up in 24 separate outfits in a single day for this shoot. I felt like Zoolander.”

Vintage wool plaid jacket from Argosy, Patrik Ervell shirt, agnès b. tie, wool Martin Margiela pants, Church’s shoes