• Employees Of The Month

    A few words from Sandy: “My name is Sandy Kim and I live in San Francisco and I’m five feet tall. I have a collection of all my friends’ hair on my wall and a shrine to my boyfriend next to my bed.

  • Miss Arganzuela 1981

    I found a bag of photo negatives when I was drunk one night in Madrid. And being drunk, I took them home with me. In the bag, alongside almost 70 pounds of negs, were a photographer’s work permit and a shoe with a built-up heel.

  • We Want War

    Matthew Stone is an artist who was a founder of the south London !WOWOW! collective and has exhibited his work internationally. These New Puritans are so loved by Planet Fashion that Hedi Slimane got them to soundtrack his 2007 Dior Homme show.

  • Jacob Holdt Is Not a Hippie

    Jacob Holdt's book American Pictures did as much to revolutionize documentary photography as it did to paint an entirely new image of the country in the 70s.

  • Thc & A

    Photos by Richard Kern

  • Employees Of The Month

    Jason has spent the last few months floating around the state of his alma mater, sleeping on people’s couches, and documenting whatever subjects catch his interest in between bread-and-butter freelancing for the New York Times, SLAP Magazine, and the...