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Oh The Pain

I recently gave my friend a copy of Xiu Xiu's new album and he almost killed himself.
Κείμενο Ilirjana Alushaj

Image by Rinzen

I recently gave my friend a copy of Xiu Xiu's new album and he almost killed himself. I couldn't tell whether it was because the album is completely amazing and he realized he'd never be as talented as them, or because he'd just been dumped by his longtime girlfriend. Or both. Maybe he knows now that girls really only want to fuck dudes in bands and they simply settle for the rest of us. Maybe his ex is fucking the guy from Xiu Xiu RIGHT NOW. Xiu Xiu can do that to you—fuck up your head and make you think too much. But despite having this harrowing effect on his listeners, Jamie Stewart, vocalist, writer and apparent cat hugger, is really normal. Actually, he was kind of boring. VICE: I figured you'd be creepy. Why aren't you a crazy goth? Your music sounds like lo-fi avant garde kids doing Joy Division and Sebadoh songs in their mental hospital rooms, so…
Jamie: Being all extroverted and dramatic in everyday life is a really foreign concept for me. I feel music is a completely different space. It's more intense and violent than conversation. For Xiu Xiu the music is where we are our most revealing and honest. It is our obligation to try and give out as much as we get. In contrast, I am quite guarded in regular conversation. Not so interesting. I think I heard Sting say the same thing once. Or maybe it was Yanni.
I am not very open about my life generally. I keep things to myself. However, perhaps because of something odd inside me, I prefer to talk about myself through music. It separates me from it somehow. This is the Hugs ‘n' Kisses issue of Vice. What kind of cuddly stuff do you write about?
Suicide, family, sexual problems, self-hate, doubt, gender issues and molestation. Though it doesn't sound like it when stated like that, all of those things are beautifully or horribly related to love in some way. Okay, well have an awesome sunshiny day! XIU XIU Fabulous Muscles is released on 5 Rue Christine, Tomlab, and Popfrenzy Records.