• Space Jumper

    After ascending to about 23 miles, or 120,000 feet, he’ll step out of his capsule and, one hopes, be the first human to break the sound barrier all on his own.

  • Situation Is Fluid

    This is what the next water war will look like.

  • "i" Is for Interns

    A report in the Shanghai Daily says that hundreds of students in the city of Huai’an were recently forced to help fulfill iPhone 5 orders.

  • YouTube, We Have a Problem

    NASA’s livestream coverage of the Curiosity rover’s landing on Mars was practically as flawless as the landing itself, a refreshing alternative to all that troubled Olympics coverage. All that can stop the Curiosity rover now are Martians—and weird...

  • Mourning the Moon Men: A Memorandum

    The Presidential PR of things in the case of an Apollo XI failure.

  • NYC's Wasteland of Windfalls

    Extracting energy and getting exercise at Staten Island's Fresh Kills Landfill.