Rocco Castoro

Rocco Castoro

  • John McAfee Is in Guatemala City and He Just Hired the Best Lawyer in the Country

    This morning I had a delicious breakfast of crepes and fresh fruit with John McAfee and his 20-year-old Belizean girlfriend, Sam Vanegas, at a luxurious resort in Guatemala City. We awoke early, preparing for our meeting with powerful Guatemalan lawyer...

  • Governor Chris Christie Pigged Out During Hurricane Sandy

    Most Americans are unaware that New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has a password-protected livestream from a webcam mounted in his refrigerator to monitor his “food bank.” After analyzing footage taken inside the fridge sent to us by an anonymous...

  • Road Trip: Finding Marion Barry

    On Monday former VICE managing editor and recently appointed cultural news editor of the Daily Beast Michael Moynihan and I headed to Washington, DC to see what our nation's great capital had to say on the day of the third presidential debate.

  • David Blaine Likes Electricity So Much He Should Marry It

    As I write this David is being blasted by bolts of electricity produced by seven giant Tesla coils situated around him on a metal trellis erected on Manhattan’s Pier 54. I’ll probably be chided by some smarmy art Nazi for saying this, but I can’t seem...

  • Cat Marnell Explains Herself

    Regular readers may have noticed that Cat Marnell’s VICE column, Amphetamine Logic, has been conspicuously absent these past few weeks. No, Cat did not blow her lips off freebasing cocaine like Richard Pryor, and no, she will not be parting ways with...

  • Who Is Alan Roberts, the Director of 'Innocence of Muslims'? We Think His Real Name Is Robert Brownell

    Early yesterday morning VICE was anonymously furnished with documents that link a California resident named Robert Brownell (aka Robert Brown)—to the pre-production of 'Innocence of Muslims.'

  • Road Trip Chaos: What Does Boston Think of Mitt Romney?

    I trolled around the Boston with Newsweek/The Daily Beast correspondent Eli Lake and we met a drag queen who wouldn't "suck Mitt Romney's dick for all the money in the world."

  • My Friend Won ‘Wipeout,’ and Tonight He’s Back for Another Round

    I caught up with my old friend Frank "The Tank/Freak of Nature" Beasely, who is basically a living, breathing killing machine. He famously walked through 'Wipeout's' $2 million obstacle course like he was on a stroll with his aunt or some shit. And...

  • Free Shit! - Fanny Wang 3000 Series Headphones

    Twat? I cunt hear you. I’ve got an ear infucktion. JK! The reason I’m not responding to your inquiry, even though you’re making direct eye contact with me and I can see your jaw moving up and down, is because I am wearing my ridiculous $300 Fanny Wang...

  • The Best Dos and Don'ts About Asses

    Some beautiful asses on display

  • Too Old to Fight It

    If you’re a “songwriter” or “producer” and don’t live in LA, chances are you’re also a barista or a waiter or, if you have business sense, a drug dealer. And there’s nothing wrong with that.

  • Val Kilmer Told Us He Saw an Alien

    I talked with Val Kilmer, Harmony Korine, and Eddy Moretti about their short contribution to VICE's new film "The Fourth Dimension" and what, if anything, it all means.