• Tagging the Revolution in Northern Syria

    Graffiti found on the crumbling walls and facades of Azaz’s cityscape—the majority of which are scrawled with a focus on sentiment rather than aesthetics—pay homage to the town’s experience of conflict and to the wider geo-political discourse that...

  • Meet the Ladies of the Free Syrian Army

    Just a few hundred meters from the Turkey-Syria border lies Atmeh, a once quiet farm town that has become a safe haven for the Free Syrian Army. Fifteen thousand Syrians roam freely, displaced by the civil war. There’s also Auntie Mahmoud’s house—a...

  • Displaced Verse

    In Syria, controversial poet Mohamad Alaaedin Abdul Moulawas earned a reputation as a sort of Arabic Henry Miller. Mohamad now lives in Mexico. He fled Syria just before the Free Syrian Army and Assad’s forces decided to turn his country into a pile of...

  • I Left My Family for the Free Syrian Army

    When civil war broke out last March, Loubna Mrie was persuaded by friends to smuggle bullets for the rebels of the Free Syrian Army in Damascus.

  • Robert King Is the Bulletproof Ghost of Conflict Reporting

    The situation in Syria is like many others throughout history—the eventual fallout of a religious minority ruling and oppressing the majority. I’m just trying to record it all, and I’ll be back soon. That’s the best I can do.

  • Assad Bombed the Dar al Shifa Hospital

    Today, the Dar al Shifa field hospital in Aleppo—which was the subject of the VICE documentary Ground Zero Syria: Aleppo Field Hospital—was bombed into rubble by Assad’s MIG jets.