• Berlin Story - Peaceful Revolution

    I find it inspirational to see the two things that I considered so subversive and revolutionary in 1989, punk bands and underground zines, now officially laminated and sanctioned as being just what I thought they were.

  • Teabreak Outrage Medic and Other Human Beings

    TOM is the man whose love of soothing warm drinks cost another person their life and condemned him to sit sheepishly alongside the likes of "Canoe Wife," "Balcony Leap Dad," and "Shoe Bomber" for all eternity.

  • Vive Le Tarnac Nine!

    Historically ignored by the rest of France, Limousin has recently come to prominence due to events in a tiny, inaccessible mountain village of about 100 people called Tarnac.

  • The Return Of The Hat

    It's often stated that Kennedy's hatless inaugural appearance sparked a mass rejection of hat wearing from which the hat industry never recovered.

  • Holiday in Slovenia

    These photos were all taken in forests in Slovenia.