• What Celebrities Eat at Golden Corral

    David Lynch goes over to the steak station where a guy in a white coat asks him how he wants his steak cooked. David Lynch asks if he can just have a raw piece of the meat. The cook says that’s not allowed. David Lynch asks why that’s not allowed. The...

  • The Beatles Are Dead, Fassbinder Is Alive

    My favorite music videos were always the ones that looked like the bands had been locked in a house somewhere, forced to take part in a nightmarish Kenneth Anger or David Lynch movie. James Pate’s novel The Fassbinder Diaries feels like that...

  • Boyle's Brains - Plausible Conspiracy Theories

    Every time someone has an orgasm that doesn’t make someone else pregnant, one pigeon is generated. That’s why there are so many pigeons. That’s why pigeons walk like that.

  • Diane Williams's Sticky Secrets

    'Vicky Swanky Is a Beauty,' Williams’s newest collection, reminds me of David Lynch in a different way than things usually remind me of David Lynch

  • A Damn Fine Cup of Coffee

    I tried to drink 20 cups of David Lynch's signature blend of beans in one day. I made it to 11 before I had to stop and switch over to chewing ice cubes.

  • Noisey Is Premiering David Lynch's New Video

    David Lynch’s new video for "Crazy Clown Time" is a full-on death drive for seven straight minutes, portraying what he refers to as "intense psychotic backyard craziness, fueled by beer.”