• The Greek Government Tried and Failed to Close Their PBS

    On Tuesday, it was announced that the ERT—Greece's public television network—would be closed down as part of austerity measures the country agreed to when it was bailed out in 2010. Soon after the announcement was made, laid-off workers returned to...

  • Speaking with Adam Kokesh, Before He Was Detained by the Feds

    Kokesh is an Iraq War veteran and the guy trying to organize an armed march in Washington, DC. On Saturday he was arrested at a Smoke Down Prohibition rally, and is currently being held in federal custody. I spoke to him about his march and other stuff...

  • Can MDMA Cure PTSD?

    Last year, a study showed that MDMA works like a therapeutic catalyst. Patients’ scores when measuring common PTSD symptoms such as anxiety, paranoia, nightmares and depression, consistently dropped by over 75 percent. A new study in Vancouver is set...