• Inside the 2014 International Mr. Leather Conference

    This year's 36th annual conference drew an estimated 20,000 leathermen and leatherwomen to the Marriott in downtown Chicago.

  • Stoya on Peeking Behind the Porn Curtain

    As a culture, we are fascinated by what entertainers and public personalities do when they aren't at work and how they became who they are. This is why demand for biographies, interviews, and backstage/on-set photographs exists. The superficiality in...

  • I’m a Homo but I Loved Having Sex with This Robotic Pussy

    I lay on my couch, naked, staring at the RealTouch and reminiscing about the one time I tried to have sex with a vagina, my erection deflated like a popped balloon the moment my friend Kelly put on a cowboy hat and pressed my dick against her baby hole.

  • Tuck It All in There

    I wanted to get closer to latex’s special type of power, so I followed it to its source—Japaratinga, Brazil. There I met Willi Graber, a Swiss fetishist who established the communal kink-factory of his dreams in a beachside jungle, just an hour's drive...