Meet the Nieratkos

  • The Lost Lonnie Shit the Carpet Video

    On September 15, 2013, the world lost a comedic genius when my wife’s special uncle, Lonnie Luizza, passed away.

  • Meet the Nieratkos... and Jenna Jameson!

    At the recent Exxxotica Porn Convention near my home in Edison, New Jersey, I sat down with Jenna Jameson to discuss her new book, public sex acts, feeding her boyfriend semen at dinner, anal sex, parenting, creepy old men, shaving with Neosporin, her...

  • Adam Wallacavage’s Funhouse

    While Adam still fancies himself a photographer, in recent years his passion has shifted to sculpting unique and fantastic chandeliers out of plaster in the form of octopus tentacles, snakeheads, and other ghoulish creatures. His new show opens on...

  • A Chat with Jerry Hsu on Photography and Leaving Enjoi

    San Jose’s Jerry Hsu is one of my all-time favorite human beings and definitely one of my top favorite skateboarders. Jerry possesses all the things that used to count for something as a skateboarder: creativity, style, integrity, an opinion, and a...

  • Skaters Can Read

    Despite the age-old rumor that skateboarders are illiterate, we have indisputable photographic and videotape evidence that proves just the opposite.

  • Scientists Have Cloned the World’s Most Handsomest Skater

    Alien Workshop’s Dylan Rieder is undeniably the hottest man on Earth. It only makes sense, then, that scientists in Belgium have replicated him so that their citizens can bask in his beauty the same way we have in America.

  • Jordan Baumgarten Packs Heat Instead of Film

    Skaters say their board is a ‘ghetto pass,’ meaning it allows them to enter any hood, anywhere, regardless of how high the area ranks on America’s Deadliest Neighborhoods List. Photographer Jordan Baumgarten grew up skateboarding, but now his camera...

  • Geoff Rowley Returns to Liverpool

    I sat Geoff down for ten minutes in the ruins of the St. Luke’s Church courtyard so he could tell me and a random gentleman about his upcoming video part, battling injuries, his love for the Wild West, and his new pet project, CivilWare.

  • Size Matters in the NBA

    NBA preseason is just over a month away and to get you excited for tip-off we discussed players penis sizes with Kris Humphries’s ex and celebrity sex-tape star Myla Sinanaj.

  • Skateable Art Is Not a Crime

    Skateboarders have been ticketed or arrested for street skating for decades, but the progressive city of Seattle is hoping to change that by creating 26 pieces of skateable art around the city that people can skate without fear of being Maced and...

  • Ed Templeton’s Huntington Beach

    For a skateboarder growing up on the East Coast in the 80s and 90s, Huntington Beach seemed like ground zero. When I finally visited after turning 18, it was like Hitler had won the war. Blonde and blue-eyed was the norm and Army/Navy stores sold Nazi...

  • Tony Hawk's Son Is a Stoner

    Riley Hawk, like all white, teenage Americans, makes stoner rock in his garage and is afraid of big-booty video girls. Unlike other rich stoner kids, though, he actually does stuff. I talked to him about why he sucks at being rich.