• Burma's Rohingya Ghettos Broke My Heart

    Sittwe, the capital of Burma's restive Rakhine state, is a town divided. Or, put more accurately, segregated, thanks to the majority Buddhist Rakhine people developing a passion for beating, raping, and murdering members of the local Muslim Rohingya...

  • Is the Burmese Military Keeping Rohingya Women as Sex Slaves?

    During my week in Sittwe, Burma, with the help of those who accompanied me, I obtained evidence that strongly implies that the Burmese military is imprisoning Rohingya women from the Arakhan region and using them as sex slaves.

  • We Don’t Always Get the War We Want

    It’s four in the morning on my 38th birthday, and I am staring up at the thatched roof of a small jungle clinic in Karen State of eastern Burma, the home of the world’s longest-running armed conflict—a 63-year civil war between the Burmese army and the...

  • The Big Lie Behind the Flowers in Aung San Suu Kyi's Hair

    OK. I admit it. I fucked up… bought into the myth. But so did virtually every other media outfit on Earth.