• A Canadian Branch of Anonymous Is Standing Up for Anti-Fracking Protesters

    They're particularly mad about an RCMP officer who, at the protest, said, "Crown land belongs to the government, not to fucking Natives."

  • What Exactly Is Idle No More?

    In an era where the streets of Athens seem to be permanently burning, senseless partisanship nearly sent America off the fiscal cliff, and a delicate global economy fuels revolutions everywhere, continual political unrest is par for the course. Even...

  • No More Numtees

    I am originally from Vatersay, which is a small island not far from Barra. The population is about 80 people. My husband Ian is from Barra, although I always thought I’d never get married to a Barra guy.

  • VICE Pictures

    This is the only graffiti we saw on the island apart from on the bus shelter.

  • No More Firewater

    I was addicted to alcohol. I’ve been to five treatments. I did meth too. That doesn’t get you anywhere. It takes everything away from you. Your kids, your house… your entire life. It’s a bad drug. It’s taking over Native communities lately.

  • Herd and Destroy

    Up here it's all about metal. You can see for yourself, as soon as a band strays ever so slightly from that monotonous, fast drumming, as soon as they become the least bit inventive, the floor clears at live shows.

  • Snow Place Like Home

    I've just finished my education. I have a master of technology, with computers as my major. I've broadened it with business administration and law.

  • VICE Fashion - Island Kids

    “I’m the only rocker on the island. I’m in a band called the Lack Pack with my dad. My favourite band is AC/DC. I want to leave the island one day and be in a famous rock band. I have my own style and I’m developing it all the time.”

  • Boss Drum

    I made that skin over there, it's going to be what I bring to the touring exhibition we're going on with our school. The skin is just about finished, all I need are some branches from nature to make a frame.

  • Stop Killing Us

    You can tell the world is getting smaller because we’re having more and more intrusion by government. About 75 years ago the only time you’d see government was when you were called up to go to war or you needed to get a passport to leave the country.

  • Staring at the Sea

    If you live on Barra, the only jobs here are fishing or crofting (farming). I started fishing here when I was 14 and since then I’ve made thousands of pounds and become known as the best fisherman on the island.

  • Tidbits

    They look like baby bird abortions, but these little rock-clinging squidgy guys oooked in garlic butter and seasoned with lemon and pepper is the second most delicious snack on the island after the black pudding.