• Cry-Baby of the Week

    This week: the aggressive driving student vs. rich homeowners of New York City.

  • OSU Isn't Playing Today and That Is BS

    Ohio State just wrapped up a perfect season, but aren't playing for a bowl because the NCAA is just as perfect as being straight evil. TattooGate and a history of the NCAA's scholar-athlete exploitation.

  • Voter Suppression: Did It Happen in Ohio?

    We watched a Republican poll worker reject a black girl with a blonde dye job and a pink hoodie. The 866-OUR-VOTE people caught her on her way out and asked why she'd been rejected. She was vague on the reasons. They told her to go back in and insist...

  • Jay-Z: 99 Problems but a Mitt Ain’t One

    Bruce Springsteen came on stage to support Obama. I mean, I have a fucking Bruce Springsteen tattoo and even I was a little baffled by what the hell he was doing up there. Then Jay-Z came on and rapped about Mitt Romney.

  • On the Road with Obama and Romney: Ugliness in Ohio

    Just when Obama came on stage, a bald white man began shouting from the balcony of the arena. Obama smiled and waved. He spoke again. The man started yelling again. Sheriff's deputies came to remove him. He hung onto the guardrail of the balcony he...

  • On the Road with Obama and Romney - Part 2

    The 2001 riots, which were the single major political moment of my youth, have become an odd historical anecdote, shared by kids recently moved from Knoxville or Indianapolis—"Do you know where the last American race riots happened? Cincinnati. Look it...