• Omar Khadr: War Criminal, Child Soldier... or Neither?

    Toronto-born Omar Khadr was captured by Americans in Afghanistan in 2002 and was accused of throwing a grenade that killed an American soldier. After eight years in Gitmo, he confessed. Now he's sitting in a federal prison in Edmonton.

  • Just Close Down California's Prisons Already

    California has to reduce its prison population by 8,000 because some judges said so, but apparently it's really hard to let people out of overcrowded cages.

  • Starve Yourself Free

    Inmates in California just ended their hunger strike against conditions in solitary confinement after two months, and the fact that they starved themselves for that long as a protest shows you how cruel and unusual prisons' shit has gotten.

  • Phone Calls from Jail Are Criminally Expensive

    The FCC has finally put a cap on how much inmates can be charged for out-of-state calls, which is gonna provide some relief for prisoners and their families who were getting robbed blind by predatory companies like Global Tel Link.

  • Prison Pit

    In a rancid, sweltering prison yard ringed by a high wall topped with barbed wire sat three cages. They stood about 12 feet wide and 15 feet tall—each crammed full of more than 30 human bodies.

  • So You Want to Abolish Mandatory Minimum Sentences for Small-Time Drug Dealers

    It's a tall order, and probably high time. Attorney General Eric Holder sure thinks so, and plans to overhaul Justice Department policy to spare petty, non-violent drug offenders of lengthy mandatory minimum sentences. But a plan is just that: a plan...