• Eating Whale Steaks at Norway's Gorgeous Træna Music Festival

    Everyone’s got a great sauna story, right? I’m sitting in the hold of a whaling ship on the cusp of the Arctic Circle, where the Norwegian Sea borders the North Atlantic, telling mine. I'm on my way to the 11th annual Træna Festival, the remotest of...

  • Murderous Fanatics and EDL Idiots Brought Darkness to Woolwich, London Yesterday

    Yesterday afternoon in Woolwich, South London, two men ran over a soldier from the local army barracks, before getting out of their car and hacking at his body with machetes, while shouting "Allahu Akbar!" We spent the day there trying to make sense of...

  • I Saw a Man Burning Alive on the Streets of Tel Aviv

    On Saturday, the Israeli activist group J14 celebrated its first birthday with another large-scale protest. An estimated 10,000 people gathered on Rothschild Boulevard and shouted stuff like "Social justice for the people!" A man named Moshe Silman...

  • Sittin' On Top Of The World!

    My grandmother Arnaluak was born in Greenland in 1933. She grew up in a small arctic Eskimo society with her mom, stepdad, and three older brothers.