Rob Ford

  • Rob Ford Doesn't Know Anything About Football

    Toronto Mayor Rob Ford, performance art genius and Canada’s greatest embarrassment, knows a lot of things. He knows how to eat pussy, please people, and smoke crack. But I'll tell you one thing: Rob Ford does not know shit about football.

  • Inside the Satanic Rob Ford Bus Tours

    A couple actors who pretend to be Satanists were giving tours of Rob Ford's world until a scandal involving an accusation against a clown named Sketchy got them some bad publicity. Welcome to Toronto.

  • Rob Ford Needs to Step Down

    The Toronto police just confirmed that there is indeed a video of Mayor Rob Ford smoking crack. It's increasingly obvious that the guy's a failure as a civic leader and needs to step down—the only question is when he'll do the decent thing.

  • Crack Smoking Mayor Rob Ford Arm-Wrestled Hulk Hogan and Won

    This morning, in a bizarre effort to divert attention from his crack-fueled political saga, Toronto's mayor, Rob Ford, arm wrestled Hulk Hogan in a hotel conference room.

  • The Rob Ford Scandal Is Just Like 'The Wire'

    What with City Hall, the police, Toronto's drug dealers, and the media playing a major role in the Rob Ford crack scandal, there's no real-life parallel to this evolving story—it's more like a work of fiction, specifically David Simon's much-lauded TV...

  • The Facebook Comments Rob Ford's Staffers Don’t Want You to See

    Marc Ellison developed a tool that "scrapes" the official Rob Ford Facebook page several times per day for comments deleted by his staffers. If you've ever wondered how a politician's social media image is manicured, this should provide some insight.

  • We Spoke to a Former Crack Addict About Rob Ford

    "Usually people don’t move right to crack cocaine. People like the mayor don’t decide to have a glass of wine with dinner and then go buy a bag of crack. It doesn’t usually go that way. You aren’t just trying it with your friends out of nowhere when...

  • How Would You Feel if Your Mayor Smoked Crack?

    It's not totally surprising that famously erratic Toronto Mayor Rob Ford got filmed sucking a glass dick. But what would it be like if a more respected authority figure, like New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, was found in similar cracked-out...

  • Rob Ford, the World's Greatest Mayor, Smokes Crack

    Rob Ford, the mayor of Toronto, has been caught smoking crack on video. Allegedly. The tape is for sale, but hasn't been sold yet, which leaves us wondering: What kind of incompetent blackmail-video salesman is behind this controversy? How can you mess...

  • Rob Ford, the World's Greatest Mayor, Has a Terrible Photographer

    Rob Ford is a sentient chunk of Spam and the current mayor of Toronto. He also happens to be VICE Canada's favorite politician. Unfortunately, Rob has been doing a mediocre job at engaging with the kids on social media, and we think we know why: his...

  • Rob Ford, the World's Greatest Mayor, Has Conquered His Adversaries

    Despite the grand conspiracy pushed forth by Toronto’s anti-high school football illuminati, Rob Ford, the World’s Greatest Mayor, is keeping his job.

  • Our Mystic Gave Us the Inside Scoop on 2013

    The year 2012 didn’t end up being the apocalyptic Mayan bloodbath we all expected. So, since we're going to be dicking around here for a while longer, what can we expect from 2013? To answer this question we called our go-to for all things mystical...