Serial Killers

  • Anton Chekhov Versus Jeffrey Dahmer

    For some reason I think about the cannibalistic serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer every time someone mentions Anton Chekhov, a forefather of the contemporary short story. I can’t help but want to draw them out, to put them together in a cage and watch their...

  • Watch This Eerily Erotic and Pretty Fucked-up 'American Ecstasy' Trailer

    There isn't too much information available about 'American Ecstasy,' besides the fucked-up and strangely sexy trailer. To glean a little—and I mean just a little—insight on what the new film is about, I hit director Jonathan Leder up for a chat on the...

  • The Murdering Psychopaths of Black History

    I think it’s high time the world learns that black people can be insane, too. True equality will come when we can all acknowledge that we’re all human, and humans are capable of being really shitty to each other. Here are a few of the most notable...

  • Psychopathic Fame Monsters

    Making a movie about the Canadian cannibal psycho killer currently monopolizing the media’s morbid attention would be redundant.

  • Serial Killers I'd Sex Up

    There’s just something about blood-splattered bad boys that makes me want to tame their animalistic spirit and then mount them like a wild, majestic horse that I am about to have sex with.

  • Tidbits

    Every month we get at least three of these things. What do you want us to do? Make a joke about kids doing crack? Kids do crack all the time.