Suicide is on the rise, especially among young people. Tonic dug deeper than the statistics to find out why.
  • People in Colorado Are Now Shooting Themselves Faster Than They Can Die in Car Crashes

    Guns already account for 50.6 percent of American suicides. However, Colorado just saw an abrupt 20 percent jump in gun suicides, with 532 in 2012. We tried to get to the bottom of this troubling trend.

  • On Tour with Nirvana!

    In mid-October of 1989, Kurt Cobain was in Europe holding a plastic basin full of vomit. The puke belonged to Tad Doyle, the 300-pound former butcher from Idaho who, at the time, had found mild success with his grunge band, Tad.

  • 100 Miles Per Hour

    I was talking to photographer Bob Gruen the other day, and he told me he’d just come from visiting our old friend Alan Vega, the lead singer of the revolutionary electronic proto-punk band Suicide, in the hospital. I immediately thought, 'Oh shit, not...

  • Wave of Immolation

    It’s not every day that you meet someone who has set himself on fire. One reason for this is because it’s pretty much the most awful and insane thing imaginable. On a recent trip to Bulgaria, I met not one but two people who had survived suicide...

  • The IMF's Admission That Austerity Has Failed Is Going to Make the G8 Pretty Awkward

    Today, David Cameron will chair the G8 in Northern Ireland. While he's there, he'll be dodging awkward questions about the virtues of austerity—a couple of weeks after the culprits behind the biggest experiment in austerity's history admitted that it...

  • I Went to the Mind Body Spirit Festival and Got Told I Was Spiritually Empty

    Billed as Australia’s largest “health, wellbeing and natural therapies” event, the Mind Body Spirit pretty much exists to stop us from feeling so sad that everything is so incredibly fucked up.