• Είμαι μια Θυμωμένη και Θλιμμένη Μουσουλμάνα Νεοζηλανδή

    «Για πολύ καιρό μας λένε να μη μιλάμε, να είμαστε αθόρυβοι, να ξέρουμε ποια είναι η θέση μας και να ζητάμε συγγνώμη που υπάρχουμε».

  • Afghanistan's Game of Drones

    Geography rules in eastern Afghanistan. Rugged mountains and rocky plains make it a difficult trek for people, but well-suited for drones. The Shadow 200, made by the AAI Corporation, is the width of a garage door. Depending on its configuration, it...

  • Murderous Fanatics and EDL Idiots Brought Darkness to Woolwich, London Yesterday

    Yesterday afternoon in Woolwich, South London, two men ran over a soldier from the local army barracks, before getting out of their car and hacking at his body with machetes, while shouting "Allahu Akbar!" We spent the day there trying to make sense of...

  • This Is What Winning Looks Like

    I didn’t plan on spending six years covering the war in Afghanistan. But with each year, casualties and deaths rose as steadily as the local opium crop and I became obsessed with what I witnessed there—how different it was from the conflict’s portrayal...

  • How Cops Became Soldiers: A Chat With Radley Balko

    Balko, an investigative reporter and expert on police militarization, opens up on cops going ham.

  • God Vs. The Ladies

    The original scriptures—the template which has led to today's incarnation of religion—were written by men during a time when women were property and mystical beasts who occasionally farted out children. This factoid explains the troubling inherent...