The Natives Issue

  • Welcome to Blackfeet Country

    The Blackfeet tribe has about 15,500 members. 8,500 of them live on the rez. The rez is 1.5 million acres. Do the math—that makes for a lot of open space.

  • Tribal Gathering

    Yeborobo are a big adorable mess. They're one of these childhood friends bands that reads like the class in Saved By The Bell: the geek, the bully, the goth, the cool kid, the girl, the other geek.

  • VICE Comics

    Chief Sitting Bullshit - The Drunk Indian Vs. Nazi Penis

  • Fry Bread Power

    Indians are not known for their healthy diets. Their history is still in their genes and their genes are very worried about being hungry.

  • Herd and Destroy

    Up here it's all about metal. You can see for yourself, as soon as a band strays ever so slightly from that monotonous, fast drumming, as soon as they become the least bit inventive, the floor clears at live shows.

  • VICE Pictures - Sightseeing on the Rez

    That means “I am Pikuni.” Pikuni is another word for Blackfeet.

  • Red Apple

    I've never really been exposed to anything different from the reservation. I haven't really traveled.

  • Games

    I’m white, half-British, half-Italian. As I write this I’m wearing regular-fit jeans and listening to Lungfish. Perhaps that’s why I don’t get this game.

  • Electric Independence

    If you love spending money you haven’t got on incredibly cool and expensive psychedelic disco records that you’ll play maybe four or five times before filing them away, then New York’s just-so Whatever We Want deserves to be your new favourite label.

  • Welcome To Native Land

    This entire issue of VICE was made on native territory, in different, equally remote parts of the world. The first was made in Sápmi, the ancient Saami territory. The second half was made in Browning, the Blackfeet Indian reservation in northwestern...

  • Rez Dawg!

    Dogs hold a special place in the Blackfeet culture. They were the beast of burden before the horse was (horses only became an Indian thing after the white Spaniards brought them over). Blackfeet have four periods of history: Creation, Dog Days, Horse...

  • Vice Fashion - Rez Idol

    Brothers Michael and Dean Cross Guns and their friend Clinton Horn are three young Blackfeet men who took a little time to tell you what makes them tick.