The Turning Gay Issue

  • Vice Fashion - Stiff As A Board

    Photos by Richard KernStyling by Annette Lamothe-Ramos

  • Vice Pictures

    Photos by Jaimie Warren

  • It Happened

    In this new regular feature, we take a ridiculous story we've recently heard, get all the sides of it, and then take the main players back to the scene for a portrait.Picture this: A quaint prewar walk-up on a tree-lined block in picturesque

  • Imaginary Friends

    We saw Alessi’s second ever gig at the end of last year. Heavenly Records had taken over a bar off Oxford Street just before Christmas and we stumbled in all drunk and were like: “Wow! She’sssh amasssshing”. It’s an obvious comparison, but she sounds a...

  • Do It!

    We’re not doing a whole column on grime music anymore. We’re still going to let you know the important stuff like what hair products Jammer is currently using or Logan Sama’s favourite new wrestling move, but we’re not going to dedicate a whole page to...

  • Beat Boxer

    The worst thing about being an overly cocky cunt in a fight is that you risk looking like a total booby if you can’t back it up. Fortunately Aboriginal Muslim Anthony Mundine has managed to follow up most of his self-righteous bravado with a slew of...

  • It's The End Of The World As We Know It

    In 1980, Bruce Beach decided to build a fallout shelter in a hillside half a mile from his home in the tiny village of Horning’s Mills, Ontario. He buried four gutted, interlocked school buses in the ground, and it was just big enough for him and his...

  • Do You Think?

    There's been a big stink lately about the European Union banning the sale of these tiny red things called goji berries. The manufacturers claim they're like the fruit version of Viagra.

  • Doomsday Metal

    Hey whitey, it's time to get out of Scandinavia! I'm here to bring you all up to speed on the Argentinian black metal scene, with all its bizarre lows and great, dark heights, from the beginning of time up until right now. Long story short, Argentina...

  • Not Fit To Print

    It's back! After relegating it to a lengthy hiatus, we're happy to present a new installment of Not Fit to Print. This is where we show you some of the most awful, confusing, and sad shit we've gotten in the mail recently. We've built up quite a pile...

  • Stick 'n' Poke

    Fashion designer Benjamin Cho is known for many things: His dazzling fashion creations, his outlandish drawings, his long-running Smiths/Morrissey party, and his uncanny ability to magically appear in magazine pages AT LEAST three times a month.

  • Dawn Of A New Apocalypse

    After ten years of having to suffer difficult-to-listen-to arty screamo bands made up of sensitive guys wearing lampshades on their heads, it seems like hardcore kids are looking back to the straight up power violence/metalcore bands of the early 90s...