Volume 13 Τεύχος 12

  • From Velvet

    I’m half dead from grief because I turned into trash. There was the day I hit my dog. I changed sides. I went to the killer side even though I was fraught with fear. I was garbage inside. I had become trash. What could I do if I couldn’t touch her...

  • Thank You From Baghdad

    Yesterday (I write this on 6 November 2006) I was handed my verdict in a trial that to me was more of a circus than anything else.

  • Vice Fashion - Swedish Librarians

    They really are as hot as you'd imagine.

  • Tomorrow, The World

    Kids do their rites of passage stuff at a much younger age these days. We’re not just talking about things like smoking crack or stabbing strangers for their MP3 player (although that does account for 98 per cent of it).

  • Nakedness

    He thinks: She sees him through the kitchen window taking off his clothes to put in the washer. It's night, past 12; his wife's in bed, going to sleep.

  • At Chumley's

    Since 1928, Chumley's on Bedford Street in Greenwich Village has sat behind an unmarked door. It started as a speakeasy and gradually became the gold standard of writers’ bars in New York.

  • Tapestry

    Rose was number one. Fairly light hair on a warm young mound. Later I knew this poet from Boston, and he lived in a loft in Little Italy with a girl who made art. Their life seemed perfect.

  • Grimewatch

    It seems everyone in grime is busy getting ready for the arrival of Father Christmas, so there's not much happening right now.

  • Spiritual Gold

    After listening to their album Organic Universe and some long and careful consideration, we came to the conclusion that nothing could prepare you well enough for The New Alchemy.

  • A Cartoon By David Mamet

    Passover - The Blind Guy and the Matzoh.

  • His & Hers Watches

    He called into a local radio station upward of 60 times in January of 1989. Provided a series of correct answers that surpassed the other callers’ series of answers and advanced southward to the state capital for the semi-finals.

  • Two Really Short Stories

    Jenny went to the pool to pick up her mother who was very excited and the first thing she said was, “I just swam with a dead guy!”