• 8.30.13

      Cry-Baby of the Week

      This week: Some police who arrested a ten-year-old girl for playing doctor Vs. An entitled charity worker.

    • 8.20.13

      I Saw the Future of Pot at Seattle’s Hempfest

      The vibe at the 22nd annual Hempfest—the massive pot pageant held in Seattle, Washington, this past weekend—was 100 percent celebratory. And why not? Weed is legal in the state and soon will be elsewhere, and all that's left to do is light up and cash...

    • 8.15.13

      Skateable Art Is Not a Crime

      Skateboarders have been ticketed or arrested for street skating for decades, but the progressive city of Seattle is hoping to change that by creating 26 pieces of skateable art around the city that people can skate without fear of being Maced and...

    • 7.30.13

      DEA Raids Legal Weed Dispensaries in Washington Again

      Last Wednesday, at least four medical marijuana dispensaries in Washington state—where even recreational use of pot is legal in small amounts—got quite a scare when the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) came calling. The clinics, all of which had...

    • 7.27.13

      We Spoke to Wilsonman About the Night NYPD Officers Attacked Him

      Recently, I caught up with my friend Wilsonman. A member of the rap group the Stone Rollers Stone Gang, he’s spending his golden years laying down smooth rhymes and frequenting the New York City party scene. Unfortunately, NYPD officers recently beat...

    • 7.24.13

      I Have Dated Several Crack Dealers

      Crack dealers approach me. I'm not chasing them down. It's not like I said to myself, “I'm going to date crack dealers now!” But when you meet one, you meet a lot of others. And then you start dating. It's kind of boring. They always want to chill at...