Πώς οι Daft Punk και οι Kraftwerk Διαμόρφωσαν το Στιλ των '90s

Ένα εκτεταμένο αφιέρωμα στο Paris Philarmonic παρουσιάζει τη χορευτική μουσική σε όλη την οπτική της δόξα .
Nadja Sayej
Η Είδηση της Ημέρας

Ο Νέος Πόλεμος των Άστρων: Τα Drones Είναι Πλέον και Φλογοβόλα

Μια εταιρεία ηλεκτρικού χρησιμοποιεί τα φλογοβόλα drones, για να καθαρίσει τις γραμμές του ηλεκτρικού που ένας τεχνικός θα δυσκολευόταν να φτάσει.
Drew Schwartz

Μερικές από τις Καλύτερες Θεωρίες Συνωμοσίας για Εξωγήινους

Εξωγήινοι, υπερ-ρομπότ και, στη μέση, οι κυνηγοί εξωγήινων.
Sarah Emerson

Θα Έπρεπε να μας Ανησυχεί ο Ερχομός των «Φονικών Ρομπότ»;

Τα υπάρχοντα - μη επανδρωμένα - ρομποτικά οπλικά συστήματα βασίζονται στον άνθρωπο για να εκτελέσουν διαταγές, αλλά, στο μέλλον, τα πλήρως αυτόνομα οπλικά συστήματα θα μπορούν να διαλέγουν και να εκτελούν στόχους μόνα τους.
Mark Hay

This Elementary School Dropout Built a Robot in His Bedroom

After dropping out of school after the fifth grade, Tao Xiangli built his own submarine. Since then, he's been working on a constantly evolving human-size robot that lives in his bedroom. VICE visited Tao to talk about his robot and his dream to become...
VICE Japan

The World's First Commercially Available Cyborg Is a Cyborg Cockroach

Next month, Backyard Brains will begin selling the Bluetooth RoboRoach, the first cyborg to be commercially available to the general public. Priced at $99.99, the product is cheap and simple to use. After a “brief surgery,” users attach an electronic...
Rebekah Marcarelli

Sorry Religions, Human Consciousness Is Just a Consequence of Evolution

Are we ordained by our creator or are we just delusional lumps of carbon and guts? Neuroscientist Michael Graziano concludes something closer to latter. But it’s not delusion that makes our brains aware. It’s a highly functional adaptive strategy.
Krishna Andavolu

The Robot That's Going to Save Syrians from Assad's Snipers

Sniper alleys are rife in Syria. The specific locations of these death traps often aren't known until someone takes a wrong turn and gets shot. A dire side effect of these alleys is that others try to drag the wounded to safety, often getting...
Emma Beals

What the Czech Play That Coined the Term 'Robot' Tells Us About Today's Robonomics

Playwright Karel Capek was going to call the artificial workers in his play "Labori," but his brother suggested “robots,” instead. It’s not surprising then, that the robots in 'Rossum's Universal Robots' feel like a pretty thinly-veiled metaphor.
Ben Richmond
Question Of The Day

What Will Robots Be Doing in 50 Years?

A recent IBM report has shown that within five years computers will be able to smell, taste, and hear. What the hell, right? If computers are going to be that advanced within half a decade, what are they going to be doing 50 years from now?
VICE Staff

Welcome the New Robot National Guard

With Hurricane Sandy getting out of our hair, the Pentagon is calling for a full-fledged, disaster-ready robot squad.
Greg Thomas

Woohoo, It's the Future of War!

The people who decide how the world's militaries spend their money are throwing enough currency to fill an atomic crater at the "coolest,” most futuristic technologies available, like kids on a sugar rush in an expensive, dangerous arcade.
Theo Kindynis