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Munchies - Brooks Headley

Brooks Headley, gebakjes-chef van Del Posto krijgt eindelijk zijn eigen Munchies.

Brooks Headley played drums in countless important punk bands: Born Against, Universal Order of Armageddon, Wrangler Brutes, and Skull Kontrol among them. Coming up on two years ago, Born Against bandmate and writer Sam McPheeters profiled Brooks and his transformation from that guy banging on things behind that other guy screaming into the esteemed executive pastry chef of Manhattan’s Del Posto over the course of 10,000-plus words in the pages of Vice. The Dessert Psycho was an important piece, and (to us at least!) it marked the beginning of a resurgent and astounding amount of well-deserved attention for the restaurant that culminated in Del Posto—at the hands of executive chef Mark Ladner—earning four stars from the New York Times, and this, Brooks’s own Munchies episode.

As part of a small dinner hosted in one of Del Posto’s private rooms, Brooks invited along fellow four-star executive pastry chef Michael Laiskonis, of Le Bernardin, and our presumptive winner of tonight’s James Beard award for Rising Star Chef, Momofuku Milk Bar’s Christina Tosi. As culinary bona fides go, we’re completely confused how this all came together so nicely. Enjoy.

(For those among you with a distaste for dessert or food in general and who are here solely in honor of Brooks the Drummer, listen closely to the soundtrack and have at it with a game of Name That Punk Song in the comments section. No referencing of the credits. We’re not confident any one person will get them all.)