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There’s No Biz Like Pozbiz

Despite the ongoing efforts of HIV education and all the funny, shocking and plainly weird ads on TV and billboards (like the ones drawing parallels between food items and sexual organs) the virus is actually on the rise in Germany

Vice: How did you get into being an escort?


When was that?

And how long have you been HIV positive?

So being HIV positive wasn’t a reason to stop you from prostituting yourself?

You explicitly offer bareback sex: how does that work? Do people tell you they’re HIV positive?

So the initial contact is all happening online?

How much do you take?

What kind of stuff do you offer?

Where do you meet your clients?


And how often do you earn some extra money like that?

HIV is one thing, but what about all the other STDs: ever had any issues with other infections?

Have you always had bareback sex?

So he wanted to get infected by you?

Did you know he was negative?

Did he lie to you and tell you he was positive?

So that guy knew for sure that you’re HIV positive?

Did you find out his motivations?

You had a relationship with the guy?

Do you think he wanted it, though?

Is that a common motivation to get infected?

What do you say to them?

What do they say when you ask why they do it?

How old are these guys?

What would you do if a negative guy pretended they’re positive and you only found the truth out afterwards.

Can we go back to these young guys writing to you. Do they come across as somewhat informed, do they ask for specifics, like your virus load, for example?

“Virtual bugchasing”, so to speak?

So it’s like fetishising the virus?

Can you describe these people in more detail?

And the reasons they come up with are of the kind you just listed?

Seems like some of them consider the bareback community an exclusive club; it’s almost got this elitist notion to it.

What does your current boyfriend think of it all?

What exactly do you mean by “more extreme”?

That‘s his sexual preference?

Is your boyfriend positive?

Do you know where he got it from?

How do you deal with each other’s flings? Do you talk about it at all?

Did you have unprotected sex with him before he got it?


So your boyfriend got it from someone else. Did it ever cross your mind he might have done that on purpose?

What do you think of people who actually do it intentionally?

There are so many young positive people in the forums though, they can’t have all done it on purpose.

Coming back to the idea of the virus being a fetish, have you ever come across people who take pride in their infection and their virus load? Who would rather celebrate than medicate it?

Have you ever met one of these guys?

Do you think the “seeders” have the same kind of motivation as the bugchasers?

Sounds like this classic literary concept of self-destruction. How do they actually make it work?

Does that really exist or is it an urban legend?

Even outside these forums, in real life?

Sounds suicidal

What role do you think the internet plays in the spread of STDs?

Do you think bugchasing came up because of the internet?

Have you ever considered turning your back on the whole bareback scene, so to speak? I mean, there’s a correlation between HIV and the bareback scene. One sort of depends on the other…