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A Futurist's War

His two-decade US-China fantasy battle is pissing everybody off. If it sounds like the Cold War all over again, it kind of is.

This absolutely has to be the most Strangeloveian thing I’ve read: China, as well as folks in the U.S. military, is currently worked up about a 20-year long fantasy war waged between the U.S., as controlled by a 91-year-old futurist military strategist, and a theoretical, aggressive version of China.

The concept by Andrew Marshall is called simply “Air-Sea Battle,” and is the product of two decades of research into what the U.S. military could do in response to an unprovoked attack by China. The premise of the plan is based on a full-scale assault on American aircraft carriers and air bases by a technologically-advanced Chinese military. America’s only response, according to Marshall’s Pentagon-based office, would be to first destroy China’s long-range radar capabilities with stealth bombers and submarines. That so-called “blinding campaign” would be followed by a full on assault from sea and land.

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