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Foxygen: "San Francisco" Video

Withhold your pretensions and give it a go, yeah?

So, we thought we'd hate this. Okay, I'll stop hiding behind the editorial "we", I thought I'd hate this, but I had the album on a lot over Christmas after seeing them live and being pretty impressed. The record, with a reasonably cringe-inducing, "tongue-in-cheek", - meta-cringe induction there- name We Are The 21st Century Ambassadors of Peace & Magic sinks into your subconscious swiftly and then lolls about there, waving its paws about beckoning for another stroke. A velvety, comfort blanket you reach for again and again as the days get darker and the Quality Street tin / sloe gin bottle / crate of luke warm beer at the end of NYE party gets emptier, matching your over-indulged, weeping soul. You need something like this now even if you don't know it yet. Withhold pretensions and at least give the video a go, yeah?