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MJ Cole Takes On Lana Del Rey's "Ride"

The grandaddy of UK garage effortlessly remixes LDR.

THROWBACK TIME! So, UK garage pioneer, MJ Cole, is the latest to take on LDR's "Ride", breathing new life into what is a kinda maudlin new ballad. Cole casually distorts and stretches her drawling/ drunk vocals, over an effortless helping of fidgety two-step. But it's not to, like, the point where the original is completely unrecognizeable. Magic, right?

It's one of those remixes that makes me wonder if people like MJ Cole have to use some kind of witchcraft in their work, because I can't comprehend being capable of changing up a track, by doing anything other than adding loads of hi-hats and Tim Westwood klaxons.

Listen to the radio rip of the dancefloor banger below.