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Holy Shit

Iceage Discovered Acoustic Guitars for "The Lord's Favorite" and Everyone Is Pissed

Deal with it.

Iceage just released their latest song and video called "The Lord's Favorite" and everyone on the internet is already complaining because it sounds like they use acoustic guitars and these guys are supposed to be punks because they're from Copenhagen and music from Europe must be a certain way and not use acoustic guitars and blah blah country music blah blah shut the fuck up. The fact is that this new song is dope as shit. It reminds me of when the Men decided to abandon the wall of noise they created with their first couple records, and add a little bit of melody (and listenability). Sure, maybe this isn't what made you fall in love with this band, and maybe you're IMing your fellow music nerd co-worker about how much you hate this change becasue you used to love how these guys would cut themselves open during shows and then walk through the crowd covered in blood, but shouts to the band for stretching themselves and experimenting with a new sound and in a different direction that isn't just shocking the shit out of you. Even though this isn't the sound the band's known for, the track still feels like their previous releases – a bit messy and clumsy, but still completely in control.