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Rampage Made Us A Mix For Carnival And It's Amazing

Yeah, we're kinda excited for Carnival if you haven't noticed already.

I'm pretty excited right now, ecstatic even, Carnival is this weekend and I know the songs that I'll be losing my shit to already, but now I need a mix to get me pumped as I pre-game and ready myself for a weekend of pushing my bladder to bursting point in favour of bogling with two cans of Red Stripe.

Step in


, the heart and soul of Notting Hill Carnival, who will be celebrating their 20 year anniversary this weekend (THAT'S TWO DECADES OF DAGGERING GUYZ), who've only gone and made us a mix to get you hyped.

If you love the mix, head on down to Rampage's event on Monday, which features a guest appearance from members of the Marley family. The earlybird tickets have sold out (of course), so don't delay and

buy your ticket today