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Stormzy's "Fucking Sick of All You Lying Rappers" on His Latest Track "10 Minutes"

"You can't ever tell me that they wrote my raps", he says, by way of introducing a song that uses an instrumental of Drake and The Game's "100".
Ryan Bassil
London, GB

Stormzy exudes a confidence that far surpasses the 22 years he's spent rolling around the earth. For a lesser artist, that heightened sense of self belief would be a hinderence. But over the past year and a half - which has seen him become the first unsigned rapper to play Jool's Holland, win a MOBO for Best Grime Act, and be hailed by Wiley as "the #1 grime don in this new era" - Stormzy's earned the stripes to trigger-finger down on his peers from atop an ivory tower.

His latest track "10 Minutes" dropped last night and, as per the title, it suggests Stormzy can write a song, shut down your whole Twitter feed, and sell out a tour in ten minutes. Rapping over the instrumental to Drake and The Game's recent track "100", Stormzy takes any artists doing "that fake shit" to task. We don't sniff coke, he says; we put the pussy on pause and make moves even while we're sitting indoors. There's a bunch of lines cementing Stormzy as one of the new forefathers of the UK scene too: "I dropped "Shut Up" just to make 'em shut up", he says, referencing the 4 million views and counting video that dropped in May, before stating "The bar was so low, Stormz made it higher for 'em/ Rappers all on life support, I feel to pull the wire on 'em". There's also a nice bit of singing at the end too, showcasing the versatlity Stormzy presented on the Dreamers Disease EP. If it wasn't clear yet, Stormzy's doing the thing. "[He's] so fucking sick of all you lying rappers / Call [him] Mike the king or call [him] Mike the gaffer".